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How to Freshen Up Your Resume


Beyond the skills and experiences you list in your resume, the formatting and design you use says a lot about you. Recruiters and hiring managers can tell right away when they look at your resume whether you simply pulled a template off the internet and plugged in your information, or took the time to create a customized, up-to-date document that is a perfect representation of you. They know the current resume trends and pay attention to certain aspects. Here are some ways to freshen up your resume:

Trash the objective

Career objective statements are outdated and solely focused on the job candidate – a big no-no in today’s job market where the focus is on what the candidate can do for the company. Employers are not interested in furthering your career unless it serves their interests. So, drop the objective and go with an executive summary or career highlights section that focuses on your unique selling points and what you have to offer.

Be sure to include a professional email address

Although it’s unlikely you will be contacted via email requesting an interview, you want to be open for contact through a variety of channels. You may opt to create a simple, professional sounding email addressto use solely for job search purposes. Pay attention to the name you choose (e.g. doesn’t send the right message). In addition, if your current employer tracks your incoming and outgoing emails, its best to avoid giving that address to potential employers.

Lose the reference list

Keeping with current resume trends, which recruiters and hiring managers are well versed in, its best to avoid including a list of your references – or even the phrase “References available upon request”. It wastes important resume space and it is generally presumed that, unless they are requested in the job posting, you will be asked for references if they are needed.

Cut out details about jobs you held 20 or more years ago

Although what you did in 1990 may have had an impact on your career then, everything has changed. Being an accountant, programmer, teacher, sales manager, business analyst, doctor – all jobs have evolved a great deal since then. Employers want to know you have what it takes to deliver in today’s environment. Therefore, detail your career accomplishments for the past 10 years, and then give a short listing of your positions prior to that time.

Invest in high quality resume

Just like technology, medicine, and so many other fields, resume trends continually evolve and those most entrenched in the industry – recruiters and hiring managers – are most aware of the changes. Showing that you have done your homework and created a fantastic, up-to-date resume will help your document get noticed in a sea of boring, antiquated template resumes.

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Mobile Resume: The Wonders of a QR Code

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Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, especially in the world of resumes, job searching and interviews. The QR code is one such example of how the job world has been revolutionized.

The QR code to the mobile resume is increasingly replacing the traditional paper resumes. The mobile resume is a very attractive alternative to the plain, old-fashioned CVs and effectively shows that the candidate is equipped IT skills that are very much demanded today.

Here are some reasons why mobile resume might be the future of today’s boring paper resume.

The Mobile Resume Engages the Reader

Many job candidates today are very receptive to the world’s trends. Those that fail to keep up in this technologically-driven economy will find problems getting employed in companies that require IT skills and expertise.

The QR code is an apt representation of being tech-savvy. By handing or presenting the QR code to the hiring manager anywhere (from a job fair to a social function), the hiring manager just has to scan the code, which won’t even take a minute.  This would direct him or her to a delightful, informative presentation of a resume on the mobile phone. The mobile resume can be used for almost every industry and is definitely more eye catching than the mundane, plain paper resume.

Effectively Shows Your Skills and Expertise

The mobile resume is a wonderful invention that is convenient for both hiring managers and job candidates.

It not only helps you stand out in the job market, but it is also a good way to help make up for the lack of job experience especially for fresh graduates. Hiring managers today don’t just look at fantastic academic records; they also go for personal qualities and relevant skills. Showcase your fantastic IT skills and interpersonal skills by presenting a mobile resume. It not only displays your tech-saviness, but also your creativity and innovation! Hiring managers love candidates who are unafraid to be different and think out of the box!

Don’t Bore Your Hiring Manager

Studies have shown that prospective employers only take 15 seconds to look through a resume before deciding whether it should go into the bin. They are also likely to read at most only 15 lines of the resume before losing interest.

Avoid all these by owning your own mobile resume. You don’t have to waste paper and your resume will most definitely not end up in the bin (the physical one, that is). The mobile resume offers you the perfect opportunity to sell yourself. Show your hiring manager that you are different from all the other candidates. Show him or her that you will be an excellent person to work with because of your capabilities. You will definitely gain an advantage over the job hungry competitors because you have effectively presented your skills by producing a mobile resume, and such skills cannot be shown on a paper resume. You will seem more credible that way!

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Are You Working on Your Calling?


Do you remember your parents asking you what you want to be when you grow up? What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you now working on it?

Your calling is that passion that you have deep inside – the career that defines your purpose in life. It was said that if you find a job that you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Some of us work in careers for so long that we are numb on the inside and outside. We go from appointment to appointment and our days are so mundane. We hardly get any enjoyment out of what we do because it is just another 9 to 5. Have you recently said, ‘I could do this job with my eyes closed’?

People who choose a career, instead of their calling, wake up disappointed that they have to go to work. They hate facing another day. If you find your calling and pursue it, life will become an adventure and not just another 9 to 5.

Ponder over these statements:

  • Your passion directs you to your calling.
  • A calling is who you are.
  • A career is what you do.
  • A calling is 24-7-365.
  • A career is a 9 to 5.
  • A calling is what you would do for free.
  • A career is what they have to pay you to do.
  • A calling cannot be measured with money or fame.

Take a few moments to ponder over what is going on in your life today and figure out if it compensates towards your calling. Listen to your mind, body and soul. Don’t worry about what others will think or even if they will agree to whatever calling you move towards. Live your life as if tomorrow is your last day on Earth. Enjoy today because tomorrow isn’t definite.

Work for your calling

Now you say “I am not working for my calling, but now it’s too late for a career change.” Let us tell you something: you can do a career change. It’s never too late. Then how?

If you have made up your mind for a career change and pursue your calling in life, the first step you have to do now is to update your resume and begin the exhausting job search all over again. You might have impressive track record but don’t know how to put it on paper. Or, you may want a major career change and you have no idea how to edit your resume accordingly.

Worry not! Simply hire a professional resume writer that is capable to revamp your resume and adjust it to your new career objective. When it comes to resumes, Style Resumes is the expert. You can choose to invest in a conventional professional resume, the eye catching graphic resume, the technologically advanced mobile resume, or other types of resume.

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What are your Strengths and Weaknesses? – The Right Answer


Two related questions that often trip up job candidates are “What are your strengths?” and “What are your weaknesses?” The first can be difficult simply because the interviewer is often looking for a specific answer, and the second because it seems to force you to say something negative about yourself. It’s possible for anyone to give a good answer to either of these with proper preparation, however. Keep reading to find out how.

“What are your strengths?”

The secret to answering “What are your strengths?” well is to know what the interviewer is looking for. This can be difficult to do in the middle of an interview, since interviewers are often aiming to be inscrutable. That’s why you need to know the right answer well before the question is asked.

The key to what the interviewer wants should be right there in the original ad for the job. If the ad is seeking a “detail-oriented” candidate, talk about how your strength is your ability to pay attention to detail. Conversely, if the ad declared a desire for candidates who “work well on a team”, talk about how well you work with others. Don’t lie or invent things, just focus on the areas that are emphasized in the job description. Also be sure not to exaggerate, or sound like you’re arrogant.

“What are your weaknesses?”

The other question, “What are your weaknesses?”, is actually something of a trick question. The interviewer doesn’t really want an employee with serious weaknesses, and is hoping to fool you into revealing any you might have willingly. On the other hand, everyone has weaknesses, and saying that you have none will only make you sound like you’re not very self-aware (or like you’re lying). So you do have to pick something to say for this question.

The key to this question is also in the job description. What you need to do is give a weakness that doesn’t have any bearing on the job you’re applying for. Don’t stray out of the work arena when choosing a weakness, but pick one that wouldn’t hinder you in doing the particular job you’re seeking in the slightest. If the job requires you to work with other people all the time, say you get bored working alone. If the job requires organizational skills, say you don’t do as well in a disorganized environment, and so on.

Finally, even though you’re giving a weakness that doesn’t have any bearing on the job, you still need to say how you make up for your weakness. Mention something you do to work past it or how you’ve been working to improve yourself. They don’t want an employee who can’t be bothered with self-development.

Remember, what the interviewer is really asking you is: “Are your abilities suited to this job?” Using the information you have about the job, you should be able to craft an answer that will easily satisfy the interviewer.

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Staying Positive during Job Hunt

positive employee

Job seeking, while certainly dependent on skills and experience, can often tend to be a game of luck as well – sometimes it can come down to a chance encounter with the right person at the right time. However, there are also times when it feels like you’ve been searching for great new job opportunities for the longest period and not even making any headway. When this happens, even the most positive people can find themselves beginning to doubt their abilities and wondering what’s wrong with them.

If you’ve been searching for a new job for a while, you’ll be all too familiar with the need to compete against potentially hundreds of other applicants, the sitting around waiting for results of interviews, and the hopes dashed at the last minute. All in all, it can be a pretty soul-sucking time to go through. Here are some tips to help keep yourself motivated and confident as you hunt for your new job.

Take one step at a time

To ensure you don’t find yourself overwhelmed by the often large task of finding a great new job, break things into smaller, manageable steps. Rather than feeling like you need to do everything at once, set priorities for each day and week. This helps to maintain focus and reduce stress levels.

Keep a regular routine

If you don’t have a job to report to every day, it’s important that you stop your motivation from ebbing by keeping up a regular, daily routine. Do this by treating your hunt for a job like you would a normal work day – have a start and finish time, set yourself a lunch break, and have daily lists of things you want to accomplish (for example, updating your resume and cover letter; setting up a comprehensive LinkedIn profile; practicing interview questions; researching potential employers; and networking online). By following a set schedule each day you’re sure to find yourself staying efficient and productive, and not being so prone to succumbing to the “job hunt blues”.

Find some other ways to bring in income

If money’s tight while you search for the right job, you will probably find that the stress and discord in your life can increase substantially and start to affect your mindset and confidence level. To help keep you going while you hunt for a long-term role, it can be a good idea to look for other opportunities where you can bring in some extra cash. Even a small influx of funds can help you to feel a little more settled during a long job search, so consider things like doing some casual freelance work, having a garage sale, downsizing your car, or performing some short-term casual work that isn’t necessarily in your industry.

Concentrate on areas you can control

Since you have no real control over whether or not companies call you back for an interview or hire you, at the end of the day it’s better to focus on all the things you CAN control. Rather than spending lots of time and energy stressing about things that you can’t affect, turn your attention to what is inside your locus of control.  Put your focus towards updating your resume and cover letter and ensuring they’re tailored properly to the company you want to work for; or take a contact from your network out to lunch to see who they might be able to put you in touch with. These types of activities will help you to feel more in control of both your situation and your mood, which will in turn make you more likely to secure a position.

Have some rest and relaxation

While you do need to show persistence and dedication to land a new job, you also need to make sure you take care of yourself during the search process. Avoid burn-out by taking some time off from the hunt – chill out and relax occasionally instead. Things like catching up with friends, watching a movie or enjoying some exercise is a great way to switch your focus and help you keep your resolve and self-esteem intact. These kinds of coping strategies also mean that you can return to the job hunt with a clear mind and fresh ideas to help you succeed. Volunteering is also another great way to boost your mood. You might not feel very valued or useful while searching for a new job, but spending some time helping others is sure to give you an instant lift. Volunteering or interning at companies in your industry can also provide you with some great experience, social contact and potential networking opportunities.

Remember you’re not alone

While searching for a job can feel like a particularly lonely experience, it does help to remind yourself that you’re not alone – even the most successful people in the world have had knock-backs or periods of unemployment in the past. Try to shift the focus away from the negative elements of the job search and instead think about what you can get out of it. Taking the time to find a great job gives you the opportunity to really focus on what you want to achieve in life, where your skills are best utilised, and how you can plan for the future.

While searching for a job can take a toll on your self-esteem, looking at things with a negative attitude will always make things worse than staying positive. Although it can be a challenge to keep your motivation up and your confidence high over this period, try following some of the tips so that you can make it through and put your best foot forward in applications and interviews.

Invest in a good resume

Research shows that employers only looked at your resume for 6 seconds before deciding if it is a yes or no. So, if you have been in the job hunt for some time, give your resume a facelift and let a professional resume writer do it for you.

Treat it as an investment to your future. Get more interview calls and get better job offers with awesome resume and cover letter!