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Why Everyone Needs a LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is the professional networking and job searching social site. You may not have a full time job yet or you may be happily working without the intention to switch jobs, but having (and taking time to update) a LinkedIn account is a great way to speed up your search for a good internship, job, or simply connect with other professionals.

Here are three main reasons to utilize a LinkedIn account.

Create a Professional Brand

LinkedIn is an important part of your internship or job search because the site helps you work on personal branding. LinkedIn’s Learning Center even helps users develop an appealing page that could get the attention of employers. By completing details such as seminars attended, awards, educational attainment, experience, personal blog and all other professional achievements which prospective persons can review and evaluate, you are creating your online brand.

The goal is to differentiate yourself from other job seekers, so it’s important to spend more time building your page. One way to get positive attention is by becoming an “expert” by sharing industry secrets, tips and other types of information on the LinkedIn Answers. Of course, you’ll get to be featured on LinkedIn as an “expert,” so you should take advantage of this feature.

However, utilizing LinkedIn to find jobs shouldn’t stop with creating a LinkedIn account and resume. Once you’ve developed a professional brand on LinkedIn, use it everywhere online, especially on job boards, forums and social networking sites. You can include your LinkedIn account on your actual resume, or direct managers, HR officers and administrative personnel to your LinkedIn account, so they can give your resume a better, deeper review of your credentials.

LinkedIn has an authoritative ranking with the search engines. Meaning, when a person does a Google search using your name, there’s a good chance that the first result will be your LinkedIn page. If you want to be found by recruiters, you should be able to include specific keywords that will help HR professionals and recruiters find your LinkedIn page.

Build your Professional Network

The great thing about LinkedIn is you can use your connections to help get jobs. Your real friends and colleagues will easily find you, since you are already connected with them by school, company employed in or other matching details.

You can also find a particular company or employee on LinkedIn. Once you find a job or internship program you’re interested in, do a “people search” on LinkedIn and check if a hiring manager or HR staff members of that company are on LinkedIn. By clicking the names listed on your search, LinkedIn will be able to tell you if you are connected to the person. Your goal is to have a mutual connection with the  “insider” of the company. If you’re close with the mutual connection, you can even ask him/her to introduce you to the hiring manager/employee.

In addition, since it’s a social networking site, you can actually make friends with these “company insiders” and get a better chance of being hired for an internship. You might even land an internship that isn’t listed.

Find Internships and Jobs

Companies and employers with LinkedIn accounts usually post job openings and internship opportunities on their LinkedIn accounts. If you already have a job or internship program on mind, being exposed to many more options can give you a broader view of your future career. While you might find it more difficult to choose which company, office or establishment to become an intern on, you’ll be able to know what career you really like and work on it by means of getting the corresponding internship offers.

LinkedIn has a robust search feature. It allows you to search by people, groups, companies, jobs and answers. You can join internship groups or create a new one for a chosen field and location, such as “New York fashion Interns.”

Maximizing LinkedIn can help you get more professional connections both online and offline. Since you get to connect with other professionals within your chosen field, find internships or jobs through recommendations and build an impressive personal brand, LinkedIn should be a major part of your internship search plan.

Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Having known the power and importance of LinkedIn, you should start building and keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date. However, with so many members chasing after the same job, how can you stand out from the rest? How can you seal the job deal using your LinkedIn profile? Worry no more and let Style Resumes do it for you.


Professional Resume Writers and their Instinct

When you are considering to hire a professional writer to do your resume you should be wary on selecting because the market is full of people claiming to be “professionals” and “writers”, of course, anyone who has a job is called a professional and most of us knows how to put a pen between our fingers and scribble letters on a paper but that does not make one a writer. What’s crucial about looking for a trained and expert resume writer is that, everybody is putting their best foot forward to advertise themselves so it is really hard to tell which is which. On the contrary, an authentic proficient writer who can create a resume has the insight on what employers are looking for and knows how to materialize that on writing along with your credentials.

How to distinguish a writer who can do my resume professionally?

To find the appropriate writer who can work on your resume, investigate first. You will never be able to figure out who is capable for the job unless you know who they are, so prepare some sets of questions to ask in order to identify them. Inquire if the resume writer is familiar with the industry that you are trying to get into, yes the individual might be a professional resume writer but then he or she may not have any information about your prospect company. Asses whether the writer has fair amount of emotional quality as there are times that instinct and perspective is a strong point in analyzing employers’ mentality. Probe on his or her training and experience, experience as they say is the best teacher so it is a great tool on a person’s ability to perform a task, this is one thing that is an essential aspect when it comes to writers. Finally observe if you are talking with a creative person, every now and then, following the basic rules on resume writing does not do it, if stepping outside of the norm is going to get you hired then let the writer be, afterwards, request to see some of his or her work to confirm if ones work is worth it. You can’t be certain if there isn’t any evidence of excellence right? A certified resume writer will definitely stash some samples on his back pocket for this kind of situations.

Styleresume is the answer!

We have been around for six years that we guarantee 100% money back to exhibit confidence on our writers; we are absolute that they have all the know-how, familiarity and testimonials of satisfied clients, to prove our competence. Our professional resume writers are available 24/7 to entertain you. The only rule we follow is to get results for our customers, for we believe that a talented writer do not have to settle with the usual and we focus on delivering the best possible edge for our clients’ success.

Stylize your resume

Badly written, badly formatted resumes are sure to create trouble for any person. Getting a job is difficult enough in the depressing market conditions that prevail worldwide right now. On top of that, getting rejected on the basis of a poor resume makes things worse.

Picture Perfect

Picture perfect

First impressions are extremely important. It’s the same for resumes, too. It may seem fickle to imagine that what our resume looks like is more important than the qualities, experience and expertise that we can bring to a job position, but it’s the sad truth. The first thing that a recruiter takes note of about a resume he/she is reviewing, is how appealing it is in terms of looks. Hiring managers are extremely busy and have precious little time to pore over all the details provided in the resume. Thus, for maximum impact, it is important to have a resume that ‘wows’, or you will be relegated to the rejection list or worse, the trash can.




Scott stedman

Style resumes to the rescue

Style resumes come in super handy at such times! They are visually appealing, graphic-heavy resumes. Style resumes concentrate more on the look, rather than the wording of the resume itself. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the content isn’t important; it absolutely is! However, the way in which it is presented is also of vital importance.

Style resumes use diagrams and charts to show your achievements to maximum impact. Pie charts, graphs and line diagrams are able to convey in a jiffy what it would take much longer for simple words to do. Imagine a time-pressed hiring manager being laden with the additional task of looking through resumes, and you can see at once how this situation is ideal.

Similarly, infographics make dull and boring text stand out, making it look appealing. As noted earlier, text is extremely important for a resume; it is the text of the resume that is converted into infographics for the style resume after all. Thus, one should not end up making the mistake of taking the wording of the resume lightly!

Erica Virtue

Designs on you

Graphs and pictures go hand in hand with design. There’s no point in having an interesting and innovative chart, diagrams and infographics, if they are not designed well. All your effort will go down the drain, because a badly designed style resume is not impressive at all. Thus, besides thinking about creativity, paying attention to the aesthetic value is also extremely important while designing style resumes.


An edge over the rest

In a tough job market, it becomes very difficult to get a job, owing to the growing number of competitors. Besides, a lot of the people applying for one job are equally qualified, with the same amount of experience and expertise. In such cases, it is purely a matter of luck whom the job goes to.

But if you do not want to let fate dictate your future, and want to take an active step towards finding a job, get yourself a style resume! A recruiter who is having trouble trying to decide whom to offer the job to, will be forced to give it to you, simply because you made the extra effort to make your resume look good!

Style resumes are all about understanding the elements involved and being creative. But if you feel that creativity is not your thing, have no fear, because Style Resumes can do a fabulous job for you! Leave your resume woes to us, and we’ll give you a product that no hiring manager or employer can refuse.

How to ‘Hide’ Bad Grades from Your Prospective Employers

So you have finally graduated and are ready to start your adult life. But now a new worry seeps in; you are concerned about your low GPAs due to the period when you had not taken your courses seriously. What if your resume is put in trash when the employer took a quick glance of your grades?

If that is your case, stop worrying now! Not doing well in school doesn’t mean you can’t land the job of your dreams. Read on, and we will tell you how you could ‘hide’ your poor grades in your resume.

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Who said you must show it off?

Well, first of all, there’s no law that says you have to include your GPA on your resume or talk about it during interviews. It’s perfectly acceptable to simply state your school, the location of the school, your degree and year of graduation. The fact that you graduated is in itself a credential – regardless of how marginal your grades were.

In fact, employers are not seeking for someone who graduated with flying colors – they are looking for people who can perform the job well.

Play up your major GPA

Some elite employers have policies requiring a certain GPA (usually a 3.0 or higher), and there is generally no way around that rule. However, in some cases you can squeak through by demonstrating that you’ve achieved better grades in your particular major or in classes related to the job to which you’re applying. For this strategy, you can list your “major GPA” or “grades from relevant classes” on your resume, in a cover letter or verbally during a job interview.


Focus on your strength

Here’s the most important thing about GPA: it matters less and less as you advance in your career and have more experience under your belt. Applying the transitive property of career advice, this means that if you want your GPA to matter less, you need to make your experience matter more.

What if you’re a fresh grad with no professional working experience? Focus on your contribution to your school or to the society; such as your co-curricular activities, your position in an organization, or the voluntary activities you have done. And then, elaborate on how those experiences have enriched yourself.

Build professional network

In many countries, most people land their jobs due to the fact that they know someone in that company which gave reference for them. So, if you are friends with your future boss’ best friend, chances are your grades would not matter.

Join a professional organization in your field and start attending its meetings. Do some informational interviewing so you can meet people in your field, and they can get to know you as a real person, not just a GPA number. The more you can sell your whole self in person, the less impact a low GPA will have on your internship and job prospects.

Showcase your best traits with Style Resumes

If you are unconfident about your grades or the lack of experience, you can still have an impressive resume! Look for the help from professionals who are able to pinpoint your strengths instead of revealing your weaknesses.

At Style Resumes, we are a team of professional, experienced and knowledgeable resume writers that will craft the perfect resume for you. Worry no longer about being stuck in the job race. With Style Resumes, you will definitely stand out!

Staying Positive during Job Hunt

positive employee

Job seeking, while certainly dependent on skills and experience, can often tend to be a game of luck as well – sometimes it can come down to a chance encounter with the right person at the right time. However, there are also times when it feels like you’ve been searching for great new job opportunities for the longest period and not even making any headway. When this happens, even the most positive people can find themselves beginning to doubt their abilities and wondering what’s wrong with them.

If you’ve been searching for a new job for a while, you’ll be all too familiar with the need to compete against potentially hundreds of other applicants, the sitting around waiting for results of interviews, and the hopes dashed at the last minute. All in all, it can be a pretty soul-sucking time to go through. Here are some tips to help keep yourself motivated and confident as you hunt for your new job.

Take one step at a time

To ensure you don’t find yourself overwhelmed by the often large task of finding a great new job, break things into smaller, manageable steps. Rather than feeling like you need to do everything at once, set priorities for each day and week. This helps to maintain focus and reduce stress levels.

Keep a regular routine

If you don’t have a job to report to every day, it’s important that you stop your motivation from ebbing by keeping up a regular, daily routine. Do this by treating your hunt for a job like you would a normal work day – have a start and finish time, set yourself a lunch break, and have daily lists of things you want to accomplish (for example, updating your resume and cover letter; setting up a comprehensive LinkedIn profile; practicing interview questions; researching potential employers; and networking online). By following a set schedule each day you’re sure to find yourself staying efficient and productive, and not being so prone to succumbing to the “job hunt blues”.

Find some other ways to bring in income

If money’s tight while you search for the right job, you will probably find that the stress and discord in your life can increase substantially and start to affect your mindset and confidence level. To help keep you going while you hunt for a long-term role, it can be a good idea to look for other opportunities where you can bring in some extra cash. Even a small influx of funds can help you to feel a little more settled during a long job search, so consider things like doing some casual freelance work, having a garage sale, downsizing your car, or performing some short-term casual work that isn’t necessarily in your industry.

Concentrate on areas you can control

Since you have no real control over whether or not companies call you back for an interview or hire you, at the end of the day it’s better to focus on all the things you CAN control. Rather than spending lots of time and energy stressing about things that you can’t affect, turn your attention to what is inside your locus of control.  Put your focus towards updating your resume and cover letter and ensuring they’re tailored properly to the company you want to work for; or take a contact from your network out to lunch to see who they might be able to put you in touch with. These types of activities will help you to feel more in control of both your situation and your mood, which will in turn make you more likely to secure a position.

Have some rest and relaxation

While you do need to show persistence and dedication to land a new job, you also need to make sure you take care of yourself during the search process. Avoid burn-out by taking some time off from the hunt – chill out and relax occasionally instead. Things like catching up with friends, watching a movie or enjoying some exercise is a great way to switch your focus and help you keep your resolve and self-esteem intact. These kinds of coping strategies also mean that you can return to the job hunt with a clear mind and fresh ideas to help you succeed. Volunteering is also another great way to boost your mood. You might not feel very valued or useful while searching for a new job, but spending some time helping others is sure to give you an instant lift. Volunteering or interning at companies in your industry can also provide you with some great experience, social contact and potential networking opportunities.

Remember you’re not alone

While searching for a job can feel like a particularly lonely experience, it does help to remind yourself that you’re not alone – even the most successful people in the world have had knock-backs or periods of unemployment in the past. Try to shift the focus away from the negative elements of the job search and instead think about what you can get out of it. Taking the time to find a great job gives you the opportunity to really focus on what you want to achieve in life, where your skills are best utilised, and how you can plan for the future.

While searching for a job can take a toll on your self-esteem, looking at things with a negative attitude will always make things worse than staying positive. Although it can be a challenge to keep your motivation up and your confidence high over this period, try following some of the tips so that you can make it through and put your best foot forward in applications and interviews.

Invest in a good resume

Research shows that employers only looked at your resume for 6 seconds before deciding if it is a yes or no. So, if you have been in the job hunt for some time, give your resume a facelift and let a professional resume writer do it for you.

Treat it as an investment to your future. Get more interview calls and get better job offers with awesome resume and cover letter!