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What to do 10 Minutes before and after the Interview


When you are called for a job interview, you need to be aware that every step of the way counts for your success. You need to make a great first impression at the job interview by controlling your body language. Here are some tips to look for.

  1. Dress to kill! If you look good, you will feel good. Dressing up can increase your confidence, which has good impact to your interview as well.
  2. Stay calm. Nervousness can kill your interview, so keep calm and ace your interview!
  3. When arriving at the reception area, ask for your contact person be it the HR person or the manager who should be meeting you.
  4. Look busy if you are asked to wait. Play with your smart phone or tablet or read a newspaper. Good candidates are always busy; but maybe it’s not a good idea to let them caught you playing Candy Crush.
  5. When walking to meeting room, walk in a fair pace.
  6. When you speak, keep it short and brief. Remember the name of the person you are meeting and repeat it in the first few minutes of you meeting or interview.
  7. When you sit, make sure that you do not confront the person you are meeting or being interviewed by. Keep the angle of the seat to 45 degree.
  8. Stay calm, think before your talk. Pausing before replying to any question shows that you are thoughtful.
  9. Do not interrupt the person interviewing you. Let him/her complete the question before you answer.
  10. Believe in what you say.
  11. Live up to what you say. Stay honest.
  12. Your exit from the interview should keep the same pace you entered. Stay calm, shake hands if possible. Close the door if the person you are meeting is not escorting you to the door.

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Before worrying about the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. For fresh graduates, sometimes crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

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Are You Working on Your Calling?


Do you remember your parents asking you what you want to be when you grow up? What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you now working on it?

Your calling is that passion that you have deep inside – the career that defines your purpose in life. It was said that if you find a job that you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Some of us work in careers for so long that we are numb on the inside and outside. We go from appointment to appointment and our days are so mundane. We hardly get any enjoyment out of what we do because it is just another 9 to 5. Have you recently said, ‘I could do this job with my eyes closed’?

People who choose a career, instead of their calling, wake up disappointed that they have to go to work. They hate facing another day. If you find your calling and pursue it, life will become an adventure and not just another 9 to 5.

Ponder over these statements:

  • Your passion directs you to your calling.
  • A calling is who you are.
  • A career is what you do.
  • A calling is 24-7-365.
  • A career is a 9 to 5.
  • A calling is what you would do for free.
  • A career is what they have to pay you to do.
  • A calling cannot be measured with money or fame.

Take a few moments to ponder over what is going on in your life today and figure out if it compensates towards your calling. Listen to your mind, body and soul. Don’t worry about what others will think or even if they will agree to whatever calling you move towards. Live your life as if tomorrow is your last day on Earth. Enjoy today because tomorrow isn’t definite.

Work for your calling

Now you say “I am not working for my calling, but now it’s too late for a career change.” Let us tell you something: you can do a career change. It’s never too late. Then how?

If you have made up your mind for a career change and pursue your calling in life, the first step you have to do now is to update your resume and begin the exhausting job search all over again. You might have impressive track record but don’t know how to put it on paper. Or, you may want a major career change and you have no idea how to edit your resume accordingly.

Worry not! Simply hire a professional resume writer that is capable to revamp your resume and adjust it to your new career objective. When it comes to resumes, Style Resumes is the expert. You can choose to invest in a conventional professional resume, the eye catching graphic resume, the technologically advanced mobile resume, or other types of resume.

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6 Ways to Prepare Yourself to the Next Great Job


You might have been laid off recently, or you are on a career move. Do not fall into depression because of you sudden change of employment situation, and engage yourself in these six activities.


Those skills you kept thinking you might be able to learn on past jobs are out there waiting for you in the world of volunteering. One person volunteered to build a data base for a group and learned to use a tool that they couldn’t get training for on their jobs. That tool was the deal maker in their resume for a step up in their career. Another person volunteered as an actor in a community fundraiser. Where interviews had been disappointing and matched his fading level of energy before the fundraiser, interviews after were energetic. Shake yourself up a little.

Buy a new outfit for interviews

Maybe clothes don’t really make the man or woman but the impression you make can make a huge difference. During a previous downturn, a fellow in his fifties was getting the old “over-qualified” line in the interviews he could get. His wife said, over breakfast one morning, “We’re going out to buy you a new suit.” He protested about spending for any item that was not absolutely necessary. She stood her ground and said it was absolutely necessary. They picked out the most expensive suit he had ever owned the night before the interview that got him the best job he’d ever had. His attitude was different. Perk yourself up.

Get in touch with your network

If you made the dreadful mistake of getting so busy that you’ve lost touch with old friends and coworkers, get busy rebuilding those bridges. Don’t feel self-conscious about getting back in touch when you need them. Don’t ask for a job. Let them know what you’re doing and find out what they’re doing. The young person you mentored on a job a while back could be the VP of Engineering for a software developer now. A network is a two way street. You could be the one your contacts need the next time around. Keep it healthy and energetic. Don’t put it on a back burner again.

Get up to speed on social networking

Communities like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others offer an assortment of opportunities for getting involved and meeting new people. While you’re getting up to speed on them, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by contributing anything you would not want n employer to see. HR departments include social networks in their research. That wet t-shirt contest might not fit the preferences of a conservative employer with just the job you’ve always wanted. Do check out discussion groups in your field. Don’t connect with people who have brown paper bags for heads or weird bios. Make your connections with people in your field who can carry on a lively conversation about your area of expertise. Let people know you’re looking in your status blurbs.

Get that certification you haven’t had time to get

How many times have you wished that you had time to go for certification in your specialty? Professional associations and colleges have an assortment of certifications to offer. When his last assignment for the Navy was a base closure, a Naval Officer received the equivalent of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for an extremely successful base closure using the techniques he learned in APICS certification classes that he took the time to take. That training and the award led directly to his first civilian job after retirement. Get ready to take a step forward in your career while you do have the time.

Get professional resume help

When you are looking for job, your resume is your most powerful weapon to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! A good resume is an investment for your bright future. At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Hot to Fail the Phone Interview


In the grand scheme of your job search, a phone interview might not feel like something worth preparing for — but this just isn’t the case.

While it’s certainly true a phone interview is a cursory step in early candidate screening, this doesn’t make it any less important than an in-person interview. Job seekers should consider this phase to be an important opportunity to leave a lasting impression on their potential employer.

If you’re not careful, you could easily ruin your chances of moving forward in the hiring process. Here are six ways to blow your next phone interview:

Don’t Bother Getting Out Of Bed

Taking an overly casual approach to your phone interview can certainly ensure failure. While your potential employer may not be able to see how you’re dressed or what you’re doing, it will certainly come across in your tone of voice. A phone interview isn’t a time to casually lounge in bed while wearing your sweats. Dressing nicely and sitting up straight at your desk will help you come across as professional and confident during your phone interview.

Don’t Consider Your Environment

A sure-fire way to blow your phone interview is by taking the call in a noisy or distracting environment. No hiring manager wants to hear noise pollution when they’re trying to get a feel for a candidate. It might not always be possible to be at home during your phone interview, so consider looking for an alternative to taking a walk around the block. There are a variety of different quiet places to take your phone interview and some libraries even allow you to rent out rooms by the hour.

Just Wing It

Job seekers commonly mistake phone interviews for casual conversations that lack a need for any real preparation. This is a huge mistake since phone interviews are a chance for a candidate to leave a meaningful impression on a hiring manager. A phone interview is just as important as any other kind and involves keen research and preparation. Spend time carefully reviewing your resume, job qualifications, and any information about your potential employer. This will allow you to effectively answer both basic and specific questions.

Talk Too Much

Nothing will ruin your chance for a second interview quite like long-winded answers. Rather than seemingly rambling, you should be able to answer every question clearly and concisely. Your interviewer will be looking to see if you can convey your thoughts in a quick and effective manner. While you might want to cover all your bases because you have a lot to share, it’s best to prepare to answer questions in the most concise way possible.

Don’t Take Notes

Phone interviews are a great way to learn more about the position and your potential employer. While note-taking isn’t always acceptable during in-person interviews, a phone interview offers a candidate the unique chance to jot down important pieces of information throughout the interview. It’s important to note what kinds of questions they are asking you and any pieces of information they share about the position.

After the interview, you will be able to refer back to your notes to assess how well you answered the questions and to make sure you answer similarly (or even better!) if you get a second interview. These notes will also be a great tool for preparing questions for your next interview.

Don’t Ask Questions

If you have no questions for your interviewer, then you probably won’t be moving any further in the hiring process. Your lack of questions will present you as a candidate who is simply uninterested and unprepared. Be sure to prepare questions that express your interest in a variety of different aspects of the position and the company. The answers to these questions will be beneficial to understand if the position is the right fit for you.

Get interviewed for your dream job

You should take your phone interview just as seriously as any other kind of interview. In this competitive job market, there isn’t room for any mistakes during the hiring process.

But, before worrying about how to the phone interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. Sometimes, crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview and negotiations, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!


How to Get a Job through LinkedIn – Part 1


LinkedIn brands itself as the social network for professionals and a lot of people do use it successfully for sharing information and news about their companies or discussing key issues in their industry. But what can LinkedIn do for the jobseeking professional? Many of us are not as clued in to all of LinkedIn’s different features as we might be. However, it’s worth getting to know this social network better as it has a surprising number of tools for helping your job search. Here are five of ten ways in which we can use LinkedIn in our pursuit for the right career. Let’s start with the basic features first.

Check out the jobs section

LinkedIn does actually have a dedicated jobs section. Employers post vacancies in the hope that a savvy jobseeker like you will come across them and turn out to be the ideal candidate. Click on the Jobs tab at the top of the homepage and you’ll be taken to a keyword search box as well as a list of suggested vacancies based on what your profile says.

Complete your profile

The more complete your LinkedIn profile is, the more jobs LinkedIn will be able to suggest for you. A complete profile obviously also appeals to people viewing it, as the reason they’re looking at it is to find out as much as they can about you. When a potential employer looks at your profile, they’ll be forming an opinion based on your tag line, summary box, and specialities. Your experience and education will most probably be important to them too, but you have more freedom in how you word those first three fields mentioned, so make the most of them. Also, right at the bottom there’s a field where you can put what you’re ‘interested in’. This basically means you get to say what you’re on LinkedIn for and what people can approach you with. If you’re on LinkedIn to boost your job search, don’t be shy, select ‘career opportunities’!

Join Groups

You’ll get more traffic to your profile if people know you exist. One of the best ways to maintain a visible presence on LinkedIn is to join groups and take part in their discussions. If you join several groups in your chosen career field, chances are you will keep coming across a few people who are also in all those groups. People build up a rapport by contributing to one another’s discussions in their shared groups. You can even start discussions asking for advice related to your job search, such as recommendations for good vocational courses.

Get Connected

Once you’re more familiar with people who share your interests or specialities, you’ll find yourself with more ‘Connections’. Connections are to LinkedIn what Friends are to Facebook and Followers are to Twitter. You can invite people to become a Connection and be invited yourself. Don’t wait to be invited though-if you believe someone could be beneficial to you, would genuinely like to connect with them on a deeper level, or just find them really interesting, send that invitation out. A major advantage of being connected to someone is that you can message them for free instead of having to pay for an upgrade to ‘InMail’.

Get the Messages out

Why is the ability to send messages so important? Many LinkedIn Members don’t have their email addresses on their public profile, so unless you know someone personally anyway, you have no way to contact them privately other than through the Messages function. Whether you message Connections to ask outright if they know of any job openings, to tap them for information on their organisation, or to arrange a voluntary/shadow placement, do it in the right way. Be clear about why you’re contacting them and what you’re asking for. Ask them if there’s anything *they* need help with. I’ve contacted several Connections in this way and they’ve been all too happy to help me every time.

Get the Professionals Do the Job

Writing a powerful LinkedIn profile can be tricky. It has to be very interesting, concise and professional at the same time. It’s your gateway to your dream job, so don’t waste the chance!

At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and have that impressive LinkedIn profile!