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Keys to Ace Online Interview


Modern times have modernized the way organizations used to conduct interviews, taking a leap from telephone or face-to-face interviews to video interviews. While a very few number of people could have been familiar with this technology back a decade or so, the technology is becoming the first choice of every company nowadays. Why? The many advantageous features of the online interviewing software are letting it go a level up every time.

It’s easy to understand the software and use it after getting well-versed with various techniques to make the most of it. Learn it for once and for all and save on your time as well as money, both of which are super necessary in this age of hastiness and dearness. Screening potential candidates has become easier and faster for employers, whereas this new technology allowing for digital interviews has eliminated the need of interviewees to travel far by spending time and money.

However, it does not allow the complete interview process through it. Video interviewing is currently being considered only for an initial round of interview. But, this first round makes the rest of the process easier for both interviewers and the aspiring candidates. The interview is just akin to a walk-in interview, where conversations slither back and forth between the two concerned parties.

But hey, it takes some of your best efforts to crack the interview online. It’s just akin to facing a camera while you are being shot. Better, be prepared well in advance!

The Posture

The first and the foremost thing you need is to work on your body posture. This applies when you go to any interview. Sit straight, feel a bit relaxed, make eye contact, give a smile, and you are all set. While sitting in an extremely casual manner would leave a bad impression on the interviewer and reduce your chances of being selected, smiling along with a proper posture will play a major role in conveying your confidence and friendliness.

Silence Speaks

By silence, it does not mean your silence, which will, without a doubt, silently ruin your interview. Rather, this is the silence of your surroundings, which you need to maintain during and in fact, exactly before the interview starts. You have to be professional. Just like in face-to-face interview, just do not let your phone ring; put it on vibrate mode instead. Better is if you sit alone in the room and pause every other task for the time being. On the same note, having piles of dirty laundry and messy and dirty room as your background might leave bad impression too.

Camera and Action!

Before anything, remember to check your camera as well as the microphone, both of which should be working to let you have a candid conversation with the employers. Later, it is imperative for you to look straight into the camera while having a word with the interviewer. Don’t do it like there’s a camera in front; rather look at the camera as if the person himself is sitting in front of you. This would reflect on your confidence and morale.

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Before worrying about the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. For fresh graduates, sometimes crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

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How to Market Yourself to the Employers

Best Resume Writing Services

A job search is similar to a marketing campaign. You are the product you’re trying to sell, and you have to market it effectively so that employers would buy you. Here are some tips to market yourself.

Act, don’t react

When you respond to a job announcement in the local paper you are reacting. Even if you get the job the position may or may not fit your career or job objectives.

Conversely, if you have a firm grasp of what you want to do consistent with your strengths and skills and then approach employers who could best benefit from your skills and you go to them directly, wouldn’t you get more opportunities and better results? You bet you would.

Another benefit of applying this strategy, there will be less competition. A high percentage of jobs, some have estimated, are filled in this fashion.

So stop reacting so much to the job marketplace and begin being proactive. Look for opportunities that you want rather than job prospects others want for you. Take control of your job hunt and be proactive.

Know who to contact

Do you know how many job opportunities there are out there? Your job in marketing your skills is to identify all possible opportunities.

To do this you have to do some research and uncover the facts and the possible hidden job opportunities.

Lists of possible employers are everywhere. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Data bases on the internet-search for a particular industry or location.
  • Specific trade magazines and newsletters and their websites.
  • Trade associations-listing of events and officers.
  • Career associations-listing of events and officers.
  • Trade shows geared toward a particular industry.
  • Company web sites-names of managers and officials.
  • Local Business Journals-look at 12-18 months of back issues to uncover possible opportunities.
  • for networking opportunities.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce-Meet and greet opportunities.

If you think it through, you can come up with additional sources of contacts.

Prepare your value offer

What is your value offer to the prospective employer? You need to write a powerful value offer, be able to get it out with conviction in 20 seconds or so.

In any successful marketing campaign to sell a product or concept you first need to get their attention, increase their interest, add to their desire and compel them to action.

Which of the following is a compelling value offer?

  • “I have 15 years of retail management experience, in all phases of retail management including inventory control, hiring and firing and sales.”
  • “I save people money so they can live better while running a growing retail store that surpassed our sales and profit plans for the past three years.”

All of your communications, verbal and written should follow this template.

Follow-up and ask for the order

Organize your job search to follow-up on everything you mail out. Being proactive you do not accept a rejection, try to find out why you were not successful, or at least ask for a referral to another possible employer.

To many times an applicant fails to ask for the job and it goes to someone else who expresses great interest in the position and “asks for the order.” Don’t be the applicant who neglects this important step.

Let professional “marketing company” do your campaign

When you are looking for job, your resume is your most powerful sales pitch to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Who Needs a Graphic Resume?

Graphic or infographic resumes are the latest hiring trend. These are resumes that use artistic and imaginative methods to showcasing your skills. They have the chance to stand out of the stack and get you that second glance, where it really counts. Also, graphic resumes offer the chance to memorably demonstrate your experience and accomplishments through your personality and creativity.

However, some conservative industry experts don’t love them as much as we do. They have seen many unimpressive graphic resume which uses too much colors, icons, fancy fonts, background designs and infographics which blur the whole point of the resume itself.

So you might be asking, “Should I have a graphic resume?” Read on to find out the answer.

Designer Infographic Resume

MUST-HAVE item for designers

If you’re a designer, graphic resume is a must-have! No one would give you a second glance if you’re submitting a plain black-and-white resume for a designer position. A graphic resume will showcase your creativity, personality and skills, and it will definitely land you the job. However, not all designers are capable in creating a powerful graphic resume since it’s not all about designs: a graphic resume is about the right keywords and user-friendliness as well. It takes a lot of research and practice to produce a perfect graphic resume.


Market yourself before you market the company

If you’re applying for a marketing position, a graphic resume will also be advantageous. It will silently tell your prospective employer that you’re very capable in marketing and differentiating yourself from your competitors, so you will surely be able to market and differentiate the company or the brand.

For the free spirits

A graphic resume is also perfect for freelancers such as photographers, beauty consultants, writers, or creative entrepreneurs. What’s special about graphic resumes is its emphasis on your skills instead of other boring, technical information that normal resumes usually have.

William Sledd-01

Something for everyone

So you’ve been told that graphic resumes works best for creative jobs in creative industry. However, if you’re applying for a conservative job in creative industry, such as an accountant in advertising firm, you can also consider submitting a graphic resume. Your prospective employers will see you as more than just an accountant; they will definitely be interested in an accountant who has a creative side and can comply with the company’s culture!

What if you’re applying for a conservative job in conservative industry? Fret not, you can also submit a graphic resume which still looks professional, with neat fonts and neutral colors and minimum use of uncomplicated graphs. There is something for everyone!


Beware of the pitfalls

Graphic resumes are fantastic. However, you should really be careful when crafting it because submitting a resume which looks amateur or unrelated to the position can backfire and turn off the prospective employers instead of interest them.

One thing for sure, resumes should be clear, clean and to the point. It shouldn’t be too fancy or entertaining that it distracts or competes with the information the prospective employer is looking for. It should be clear and easy to scan to get information needed.

So, are you ready to craft a perfect graphic resume? If you have doubts in yourself, Style Resumes are more than happy to assist you. With our special skills and experience, we will craft a unique, one-of-a-kind graphic resume, tailored to your specific needs; whether you’re looking for something wild or something neat and professional. We’re not only good with designs; we will also put the right keywords in your resume to make sure your resume leaves a lasting impression in your prospective employers’ mind.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Get Your Dream Job


We’ve all heard of LinkedIn. By now you likely have a profile, have sent out a few invites, maybe filled in a few of the info fields. But are you really using it to find your next job?

LinkedIn is simply the most powerful tool out there for finding a job. There is nothing that beats networking, and LinkedIn is the perfect synthesis of online and offline networking. It’s even more important than your resume! So take these tips, implement all of them, and get on your way to finding your next great job!

  1. Personalize your profile URL.
  2. Get a MINIMUM of 5 recommendations with at least one from every job you have held. Write unsolicited recommendations for co-workers as well. Chances are they will return the favor.
  3. Connect to everyone you meet, immediately after meeting them.
  4. Set you public profile to visible. The more open your profile, the likelier you are to get found in a search.
  5. Create a headline for yourself, beyond your job title.
  6. Include a link to your profile in your resume. It extends the amount of time you spend in front of a potential hiring manager, and gives them an opportunity to learn more about you. LinkedIn is all about maintaining image control, within a social context.
  7. Find where your former co-workers are working & reach out to them to see if there are openings at their current companies.
  8. Download a.csv of your contacts and email out a short & simple blast, letting your network know you are in a search. People need to know you are looking for a job. Your friend’s recommendation could be critical to getting you in front of the line at HR, getting you noticed, and getting you.
  9. Skip HR – find the hiring manager. Run a search through the companies network once you’ve seen a posting, and try to figure out who your future boss might be. If you know someone in common, ask your connection to forward your info along. If you don’t know someone in common, introduce yourself to the manager. It’s risky, but the rewards are worth it.
  10. Add keywords that a recruiter might use in a search to your Summary & Specialties section. Make sure to include specific technologies. The trick here is to think about how you would find yourself in a database. Programmer? Then you probably want to put SQL somewhere on your LinkedIn page. SEO yourself and get found!
  11. Link everything: Twitter to status updates. Add your blog. SlideShare presentations. Amazon reading list. Everything. An integrated social persona is absolutely critical in the new era of job hunting.
  12. Post INSIGHTFUL comments on discussion boards, and try to get several ‘Best Answers’ under your belt.
  13. Starting a group is a great way to get exposure as well. Think of a niche you fill, and start the conversation.
  14. Be as complete as possible and make sure your profile matches EXACTLY with the content on your resume. Can’t say this enough – if there is a disconnect between your profile and your resume, HR will toss you.
  15. Include a professional picture in your profile. A headshot generally works.


Create powerful LinkedIn profile with Style Resumes

It’s very important to create a unique and interesting LinkedIn profile, just as you are. But if you have trouble doing that, worry not, for help is at hand in the form of Style Resumes. A professional LinkedIn profile writer of ours will create a fantastic profile for you that will surely grab the attention of a prospective employer. So just hand over your worries and use your amazing LinkedIn profile created by Style Resumes to wow employers!


Ladies, Dress Up for the Interview!

First impression counts, and human beings are naturally superficial. Imagine yourself on a first date with a guy you met online who seems nice and attractive from his profile. What if he shows up with smelly, messy clothing which is two sizes too big or two sizes too small? No matter how interesting the conversation afterward, the unpleasant image is all you see when you think about the person later.

The same rules apply when it comes to interviews. The hiring manager was impressed with your resume that s/he decided to call you for an interview. But if you pick the wrong clothes, your chances get smaller because the impression about yourself is not pleasant in the eyes of the hiring manager. Showing up with the right set of clothing that shows your personality and professionalism at the same time can increase your chance in getting the job.

For us ladies, picking up a set of clothing is a time-consuming task. So, we decided to help you concentrate on what you have to say by picking what you have to wear on the big day. Looking professional is a must, but don’t be boring!

download (4)Functional look

Classic black slacks are a safe choice to wear for a job interview. Invest in a good pair of black slacks that fits you snugly at the waist. Pair them with a buttoned down blazer or a sweater (for a business casual look). You can also put on an interesting top with cre­ative details (though one that is not too excessive) to soften your overall look. But remember, you should always match a pair of slacks with heels, not flats!

download (5)

Make a statement

For an interview, why not wear a nice dress with professional cut? You can play with it a little. Just because you are required to turn up for the interview looking all professional and poised, it doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with colors! You can go for turquoise or deep red to make a lasting impression. You can also dress yourself in neutral colors but don’t forget to add interesting detail such as a tiny belt or necklace. Complete the look with black heels to add a touch of elegance.

download (6)

Enhance your figure

A belted pencil skirt can be worn with a skinny belt. The addition of the belt will place focus on your waist and make it look tiny. After all, women want to look thin, don’t they? If you are curvier, you can wear your blouse out and belted over the pencil skirt instead.

Look demure but professional by pairing your pencil skirt with a feminine blouse. If you want to show off your vibrant personality, you can wear tops with prints or patterns. If your blouse is plain colored, opt for accessories to complement the overall look, such as classic pearls.

download (7)

Little Black Dress

If all else fails, there is always that little black dress as your savior. You can almost never go wrong with a black dress, so always invest in a good one. You will still look professional and modern, because black dresses never go out of style.

However, you’ll want to add a little color and per­sonality to your outfit. Complement your dress with a pair of textured pantyhose or statement accessories. Complete the over­all look with a classic pair of black heels.

Dress Up Your Resume before You Dress Yourself Up

Before expecting to hear your phone ringing from the interview calls, dress up your resume first! In online dating, you would not want to meet someone who sounds boring and ordinary; and again, the same rules apply for interviews.

In today’s era, there are a lot of resume options available: from the eye catching graphic resume to the technologically advanced mobile resume, the choices are endless. Why stick to a plain, boring resume? Leave it in the hands of professionals, and prepare yourself for endless interview calls!