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How To Update Your Mobile Resume

Mobile Resume

Nowadays, keeping up with the current trend while competing among all the other applicants who are desperate to have a job just like all the other unemployed people out there is a lot of hard work than it seems.
If you have been out on the unemployed side for a while and have spent almost every waking moment on trying to look everywhere for a job, handing out resume to every job vacancies that you spot, then it’s even critical.

Try changing your route and invest in a mobile resume to take your game a notch higher than you have been doing. In this technology-driven society, it’s a great way to get noticed and impress hiring managers at job fair and networking events.

With your own mobile resume that you can access anywhere and anytime, present your resume by just scanning your QR code and you’re set.

But just because you have an up-to-date resume does not mean that’s the only part that you should take care of, you also have to update the content, here’s how.

Find Your Passion And Improve On It

As amazing as being a jack-of-all-trades employee sound, it does not always impress employers. These days, due to growing numbers of applicants, they tend to pick a candidate who is an expert on certain field rather than the one who knows a lot of things but can’t do them well. Focus on honing what you’re good at and walk towards that, your chances are better that way than aimlessly search for any vacant position.

Update Achievements And Skills

Keeping your achievements and skills current exhibits progress which employers are suckers for. You either learn new things that are related to the position you’re aiming for or if you’re still in a company, strive on excelling on your field to level up on your career.

Use Active Instead Of Passive

Using active voice when constructing sentences looks more current that passive which is better when it comes to resume, especially mobile resume, since it conveys a fresher take on resumes then the content should follow through.

Update Technology Skills

Since mobile resume is a high-technology version of resume, then your skills should be updated as well, because every job today has their particular technology skill requirement. How are going to show that you’re as awesome as your resume if your skill are have been sleeping a couple of years behind?

10 Things to Do in a New Job


You’ve done it before – the first day. Whether it’s the first day of school or work, you’ll always have butterflies in your stomach. Doing these things on your first few days might help you settle yourself in your new job. Check them out!

  1. Be grateful. The first thing you should do is to pat yourself on the back. You finally got a job in this tough job market, while everyone else is still struggling!
  2. Observe the culture. Pay attention to everything and everyone around you. Does everyone leave right at 5:01, or stay later? Do people take work home? Follow the pack, at least for the first few weeks.
  3. Research. You must agree that the first days are usually slow. Use that time to research about your new company and job. Read any document to which you have access. This will help you get ahead of the game.
  4. Offer help. To the point above, help your coworkers in those first slow days. They’ll like you, and you’ll impress your boss, too.
  5. Take initiative. Show your boss that you don’t need to have them find you task. Even if all you do is alphabetize the file drawer, show that you can work without needing to be spoon-fed.
  6. Dress up. Dress up a little the first couple of weeks won’t hurt. If it is a casual office, avoid a suit and choose nice slacks. If it is traditional office, a suit always wins.
  7. Train your memory. Remember people’s names. We know some people are very terrible with names, but keeping a list in with a note about the person might help. For example, John sits next to me and Jessica is the stressy one.
  8. Be social. While meeting so many new people is exhausting, be sure to accept lunch and happy hour invitations. Gathering allies is important in the first few weeks.
  9. Treat people. The instant way to get people to like you is by bringing them food. Bring cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins, candies, or whatever to the office. If it is not your thing, buy a round of drinks at happy hour.
  10. Pace yourself. This may sound like slacker advice, but you want to keep some of the shine for later.

Get a new job with the help from Style Resumes

These advices will work if you have a new job. What if you have always hoped for one, yet have not been able to get it? Give your resume a face lift and watch how your fate changes.

Studies have shown that hiring managers spend just six seconds looking at your resume before determining whether you are a “YES” or “NO” for their company. Make those short seconds count; submit an impressive resume!

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How NOT to Get a Job


Sometimes we are too focused in following all job hunt tips and tricks that we unconsciously engage in behavior that the employer finds annoying. So, how NOT to get a job? What behaviors do you have to avoid?

Applying To Every Job

When job seekers find a company they really like they will begin to apply to every job that is available. Why? It is because they want to grab the attention of the recruiter. Kind of like, “Hey, look me at me! Over here!” Unfortunately, this is the kiss of death. Let’s look at it from the other perspective. If you are the recruiter and you see John Doe apply to 12 jobs within your company, what is your first thought going to be? Easy… John Doe has no clue what he wants to do. So why are you making the recruiter figure out what job you are appropriate for? Recruiters do not have time in today’s high volume, high paced environment. What they do then is simply go to the next resume. So, applying to every job within a company is an easy way on how not to get a job.

Call/E-Mail Every Day

This, quite possibly, could be the most annoying to any recruiter. Everyone knows that you are eager and excited to hear back, but let’s put this in perspective. This would be equivalent to a telemarketer calling you every day and asking you to buy their product. What do you do in those instances? I would be willing to bet you just hang up the phone. The difference here is that the recruiter can either let it go to voice mail or will politely tell you to stop calling and/or e-mailing because they have to remain professional. While it is very important to follow up, please be sure to do sure appropriately. This is why it is recommended that when an interview is over, you ask when the best day/time to follow up is. This is your only chance to follow up and not be annoying.

Stopping Your Job Search While You Wait For A Response

This goes to the old analogy of “putting all of your eggs into one basket”. It’s just not a smart decision, yet it happens so often. Just because you had a fantastic interview does not mean you will be getting the job. This is an easy way to extend your job search. You have to constantly be on the move and thinking about your next step. Don’t wait around for things to happen to you; instead make decisions in which force things to happen to you.

Forgetting Where You’ve Applied and Interviewed

This one might take the cake for most annoying. As a recruiter, nothing is more frustrating when you call a potential candidate and ask, “What attracted you to apply to this job?” The response, “Um, well it fits in line with my background and um, well, it’s a great opportunity for me”. You might be laughing now, but unfortunately that happens so often. There is an easy fix for this, whenever you apply to jobs, track it in excel. This way you know every job you’ve applied to and when. Then when asked that question, you know the appropriate answer instead of giving too general answers no one wants to hear!

Send a messy resume

Another way not to get a job is by sending a laundry list of every job you’ve ever had with messy formatting, grammatical errors and typos that you call “a resume”. Writing resume is a tricky job. You may think you have the best resume in the world that will guarantee you a job, but more often than not, you don’t.

When it comes to resume, it’s best to leave it to professional resume writers who know exactly what they’re doing. At Style Resumes, we are equipped with the skills and knowledge to write you various types of resume and cover letter. Let’s craft that perfect resume and snatch away that dream job of yours!


How Useful is Video Resume?


Today’s corporate leaders and employers are embracing video resumes as an innovative and unique way that job seekers can reach out to employers and, in doing so, more successfully advance their careers. Not only it is incredibly useful to both job seekers and employers because of the immense amount of time, money, and resources they save in the hiring process, but they also offer the job seeker a handful of additional advantages not available through a text resume alone.

Show your creativity

First, creating a video resume shows employers that you can think creatively and originally and, additionally, aren’t afraid to step outside of the ordinary. This type of thinking is attractive to employers and will set you apart from other applicants. Furthermore, differentiation and self-branding have become exceptionally important to success in today’s job searching process.

Create a pitch

Second, video resume advertises, promotes, or creates sales pitch/sales talk for the jobseeker that are essential for introducing oneself in an elegant way to the employers, which up until now not possible through other means in the area of job search. The 1 minute pitch can change the way you introduce yourself to the talent hunters.

Show your soft skills

Third, recent studies are showing that employers value soft skills, such as communication, leadership, positivity, interpersonal skills, motivation, and attitude, much more than they consciously believe that they do. Some employers even value soft skills more than hard skills. Pairing your text resume with your video resume is an ideal way to create a profile of all of your skills, both hard and soft within one location, allowing the employer a deeper and more accurate glimpse into who you are as a professional.

First impression matters

And lastly, a video resume gives you extraordinary control over your first impression. By creating it, you are giving employers the opportunity to “meet” you before the interview. With today’s advanced web technology and social media platforms, employers generally rely on search engine results and uncovered Facebook profile pictures to generate a first impression of the job candidate before the interview. Rather than leaving your first impression up to the ambiguity of this process, take charge and create a first impression that you know will impress your potential employers.

Leave it to the professional

Creating video resumes is a tricky job as you only have several seconds to leave lasting impression. So, it is always better to leave it to professional resume writers who know exactly what they’re doing. At Style Resumes, we are equipped with the skills and knowledge to write you various types of resume and cover letter, including video resumes. Let’s craft that perfect resume!

Professional Resume Writers

10 Proofreading Tips for an Error-Free Resume


Your resume must be free of any typos, grammar errors and misspellings. Even a winning resume is in danger of being put in the reject pile if hasn’t been proofread. Certainly a resume with errors makes the job candidate look less qualified and it gives an unfavorable first impression of the person.

The best way to guard against these kinds of errors on your resume is to proofread it carefully. Here is a list of proofreading tips to help assure an error free resume:

  1. Read the copy out loud. (Quick Tip: Shut the door. You don’t want people to begin to wonder!)
  2. Read the copy backwards to focus on the spelling of words. Covering the words above and below your line helps you to keep your eye just on the line you are proofreading. You don’t have the context and meaning to let you know if your eye skips a line.
  3. Use spell check and grammar check as a first screening but don’t rely on them. There are too many possibilities for error with spell check. (Examples: there and their, to and two, our and hour etc words that are correctly spelled but may not be the form you wanted.)
  4. Have someone else read it. Ask a friend, a relative or your coach to review it for you.
  5. Print it out and read it even if you have proof read it on your computer. Something can look entirely different on paper. It is easy to miss something on your computer. Some people suggest that one should never proofread on your computer.
  6. Proof the body and the headlines separately. It is easy to miss something in a headline. We seem to concentrate more on the body.
  7. Use a ruler to check the copy line by line. Keeping your eye on one line at a time is important.
  8. Have a dictionary close by and a thesaurus too. When in doubt, look it up if you can. However, it is always hard to find a misspelled word in the dictionary.
  9. Don’t proof for every type of mistake at once. Do one proof for spelling, another for missing/additional spaces, consistency of word usage, font size etc.
  10. Take a break and come back to it fresh. Even when you have proofread the document several times, sometimes you will still find typos and all. The wrong spelling looks right until you leave it and come back to it when you are fresh.

Craft the error-free resume

Writing resume is a tricky job. You think you are well-versed in crafting the perfect resume, but more often than not, you are not. So, it is always better to leave it to professional resume writers who know exactly what they’re doing. At Style Resumes, we are equipped with the skills and knowledge to write you various types of resume and cover letter. With our trained eye, your resume will be error free. Let’s craft that perfect resume!