Cover Letter Writing Tips for Fresh Graduates

Most fresh graduates have problems hunting for jobs because of the lack of information and experience pertaining to the job market. In a world where everyone else is competing with one another to land themselves in that dream job, it will definitely be hard for someone who does not have the experience to reach that finish line amidst the throng of executives and professionals. Plus, if all the organizations refuse to hire the inexperienced, how do fresh graduates qualify for the job?

The answer is the cover letter. Think of it as the ultimate weapon against unemployment. Cover letters are the very first thing that hiring managers look at, so submitting the perfect cover letter will help you stand out from the mass of others.

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Here are some tips on writing a great cover letter for fresh graduates.

Cover Letter….What?

Surprisingly, some job candidates submit their resumes without a cover letter. Cover letters and resumes function differently, so it is crucial that you submit a cover letter to strengthen your position in the job market.

Start by having a rough idea what a cover letter is. Do some research on cover letters, what to include in a cover letter and the format of the cover letter. The best way is to learn by example, but don’t copy the sample, because chances are, many candidates have probably done that as well. Online sites provide many tips and advice on cover letter writing.

Learn more about the job positions you are applying for, as well as your employers, businesses and their organizations. Check the requirements and specifics that they mentioned in the advertisement and ensure that you conform to all of them before applying. A little bit of self-assessment should help you out here.


Writing that Cover Letter

When writing the cover letter, always start by mentioning where and when you came to know about the job opening and provide proper references regarding this fact. Make it as reader friendly as possible, but with a tone of professionalism. A single page cover letter is best.


Irrelevant information must never be included. Make it specific yet concise. Hiring managers lose interest easily because they have to devote their time to reading other cover letters as well.  So make it convenient for them by being straight to the point, brief and show that you are interested in the company.


Fresh graduates usually do not have any employment record yet, so focus on your educational background as well as your skills that may qualify you for working in that company.  Don’t mention any weaknesses, emphasize only the positive qualities and don’t allow any gaps in your cover letter.


Always remember to be professional. No scented papers or customized fonts. You are writing for a job application, not an art project. So use a standard format for the cover letter and be as formal as possible by using short but powerful words.

Time to Wait For That Interview

Now that you have an idea of what to do in writing that cover letter, it is best to start crafting it. However, for a newcomer in the job market, it is definitely not easy to write a great one, especially since that cover letter determines your future! Furthermore, you will also be competing with other more experienced professionals and executives! At Style Resumes, we help clients from all over the world to craft that perfect cover letter. Many of our clients are happily settled into their dream jobs with the help of our cover letter services. So what are you waiting for? Be ahead of the other fresh graduates, professionals and executives with your very own cover letter from Style Resumes!


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