Why a Video Resume is Better than a Traditional Paper Resume


It is everyone’s dream to secure the perfect job that they have always fantasized about. However, not everyone is able to establish their perfect career. This is because the first step to getting called up for the job interview is to craft the ideal resume.

However, resumes today are increasingly dominated by non-traditional and unconventional ones. This means that the usual paper resume may not be as popular in the future. Why is this so?

Showcase your talents

It is advantageous for one to submit a video resume instead of a traditional paper one. This is because hiring managers are able to access your capabilities, skills and how well you are able to present yourself. These qualities cannot be proven on a mere paper resume, so selling yourself through a video resume is a very smart move!

Moreover, video resumes are becoming immensely popular with the advent of technology. As a result, such unconventional resumes are accepted by companies around the world!


Recording a video resume is effortless and easy, provided you are good at it! All you need to do is to grab a video recorder and record away!

Ok, maybe not that easy. You will still have to effectively showcase relevant skills and portray yourself as someone that can work well with others. No hiring manager will want to employ someone who is arrogant and thinks he/she is better than everyone else, even with an impressive resume.

A video resume is able to capture qualities that you will want your prospective employer to see and these are not easily reflected on a paper resume.

As such, it is definitely useful to submit a video resume. Hiring managers want to look at practical talents and expertise before making a decision on who is the right person for the job. Such skills cannot be seen on a paper resume, so it is much easier for a hiring manager to determine who fits the bill by simply evaluating your resume on video.

Lighten the Workload of your Hiring Manager

According to recent findings, sorting through video resumes is much more efficient than looking at traditional paper resumes. Video resumes are more informative, detailed and effectively highlights your goods. Paper resumes, on the other hand, may leave certain doubts on your hiring manager’s mind as he may not believe whatever is written on it.

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