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Questions to Ask before Hiring a Resume Writer

Hiring a resume writer is a great idea to increase your chance of getting hired. But not all resume writers are created equal. How do you distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly?

resume process


Understanding how the resume writer works will increase the odds that you will be satisfied with the final product. Find out about our process at Style Resumes here.


Some resume writers might display one price and then look to charge another. So, it’s always a good idea to clarify everything up front. Find out when you pay, how you pay and how much you pay. Be sure to ask if there are any extra fees, such as requesting the final product in a specific format, edits, etc. At Style Resumes, our prices are all fixed and have included three revisions and endless consultations.


It sounds simple, but in several cases, the person at the resume writing company with whom you speak with, is NOT the person actually doing the work. It is recommended to speak directly with the person who will be performing the service you are paying for, especially when it is as personal as your resume. When you purchase our service at Style Resumes, you will be matched with a resume writer who is most suitable for you and you are welcome to have as many consultations with him/her as you want.


Many of the resume writers specialize in specific fields. That’s not to say a good writer couldn’t do a nice job on your resume regardless of industry. But if you’re coming from a niche part of the business world, you want to make sure the writer has a solid understanding of what you do. You can’t expect them to know the ins and outs the way you do, but they should convince you that they have a basic comprehension of the industry and target. At Style Resumes, we are a team of solid professional resume writers who are experienced in various industries. So, when you engage in our service, you will definitely be matched to a resume writer who truly understands your industry.


Even though credentials might not be the utmost importance, it’s something highly touted by many writers. Style Resumes writers are accredited by the most prestigious governing bodies, so you really do not need to worry.

So, with those questions in mind, what are you waiting for? Engage in our various resume writing services now!


Why is a cover letter important?

Everyone knows that a resume needs to be accompanied by a cover letter during job hunting. It is, after all, the golden rule. But with the advent of technology and introduction of new forms of online applications, is a cover letter really important?

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A recent survey targeted to close to 3000 respondents showed that a whopping 86% of them decided that a cover letter is “not very important”. So why are we still following the 14% of them?

The power of a cover letter

Many experts believe that submitting a cover letter with the resume is still necessary even in today’s context. This is because the cover letter still proves to be more functional than a resume in capturing the reader’s attention.

Consider this: The purpose of a cover letter is to get your resume read. The purpose of the resume then is to land you that interview. Ultimately, that interview will secure you the dream job. So the moral of the story is, you won’t get the job without first writing that cover letter.

Here are some reasons why the cover letter is so important.

Your resume cover letter is a sales letter. It sells your resume; therefore it sells you. It is the fundamental tool that acts as a bait to hook the reader, mainly your hiring manager. Most hiring managers tend to scan materials quickly, hence it is important that your cover letter is attached to the resume, because it lists down specific qualities that are made to stand out and grab the reader’s attention.

According to Pennell Locey, senior consultant for Keystone Associate, a career management consulting firm headquartered in Boston, many companies still prefer the cover letters to be submitted alongside the resume because it is valuable. In a cover letter, hiring managers are able to precisely match one’s qualifications to the job requirements and to the company to a degree “that’s difficult in a resume”.

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Short and sweet but impactful

Using your cover letter to catch the attention of your hiring manager is more advantageous than using a resume because of its short, brief and succinct content.

Cover letters are more appealing to the eye precisely because it is not supposed to go beyond one page. Applicants usually list down few but powerful points where they feel their qualifications directly make them stand out from the crowd on the cover letter. This makes the cover letter a lot easier for an employer to read.

According to Tracy Cashman, partner and general manager of the information technology division of Winter, Wyman – one of the largest staffing firms in the Northeast, cover letters are also useful because it explains certain information not reflected on the resume, such as a gap in employment history or a position outside the applicant’s career track. This helps build some form of a connection and allows the hiring manager to understand you better because after all, you will be working with him or her for quite a while.

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Start writing that cover letter

So now that we have established the fact that a resume might not be as appealing without a cover letter, it’s time to start thinking of a way to craft one. Many online websites and resume writing courses might help you produce a cover letter, but is it good enough? At Style Resumes, we provide the best cover letter services as we have been specializing in this industry for many years. Not only is it affordable, it also represents you, especially since we have the experience, knowledge and expertise in writing cover letters and resumes. So stop worrying about whether you will get that interview, start worrying about what to wear on the first day of your job instead!

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6 Ways to Prepare Yourself to the Next Great Job


You might have been laid off recently, or you are on a career move. Do not fall into depression because of you sudden change of employment situation, and engage yourself in these six activities.


Those skills you kept thinking you might be able to learn on past jobs are out there waiting for you in the world of volunteering. One person volunteered to build a data base for a group and learned to use a tool that they couldn’t get training for on their jobs. That tool was the deal maker in their resume for a step up in their career. Another person volunteered as an actor in a community fundraiser. Where interviews had been disappointing and matched his fading level of energy before the fundraiser, interviews after were energetic. Shake yourself up a little.

Buy a new outfit for interviews

Maybe clothes don’t really make the man or woman but the impression you make can make a huge difference. During a previous downturn, a fellow in his fifties was getting the old “over-qualified” line in the interviews he could get. His wife said, over breakfast one morning, “We’re going out to buy you a new suit.” He protested about spending for any item that was not absolutely necessary. She stood her ground and said it was absolutely necessary. They picked out the most expensive suit he had ever owned the night before the interview that got him the best job he’d ever had. His attitude was different. Perk yourself up.

Get in touch with your network

If you made the dreadful mistake of getting so busy that you’ve lost touch with old friends and coworkers, get busy rebuilding those bridges. Don’t feel self-conscious about getting back in touch when you need them. Don’t ask for a job. Let them know what you’re doing and find out what they’re doing. The young person you mentored on a job a while back could be the VP of Engineering for a software developer now. A network is a two way street. You could be the one your contacts need the next time around. Keep it healthy and energetic. Don’t put it on a back burner again.

Get up to speed on social networking

Communities like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others offer an assortment of opportunities for getting involved and meeting new people. While you’re getting up to speed on them, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by contributing anything you would not want n employer to see. HR departments include social networks in their research. That wet t-shirt contest might not fit the preferences of a conservative employer with just the job you’ve always wanted. Do check out discussion groups in your field. Don’t connect with people who have brown paper bags for heads or weird bios. Make your connections with people in your field who can carry on a lively conversation about your area of expertise. Let people know you’re looking in your status blurbs.

Get that certification you haven’t had time to get

How many times have you wished that you had time to go for certification in your specialty? Professional associations and colleges have an assortment of certifications to offer. When his last assignment for the Navy was a base closure, a Naval Officer received the equivalent of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for an extremely successful base closure using the techniques he learned in APICS certification classes that he took the time to take. That training and the award led directly to his first civilian job after retirement. Get ready to take a step forward in your career while you do have the time.

Get professional resume help

When you are looking for job, your resume is your most powerful weapon to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! A good resume is an investment for your bright future. At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


5 Tools to Get Organized in Your Job Search

work hard

If company X would call you regarding your application, could you track back the position in less than 1 minute? Do you think the caller would be impressed if you spent more time than necessary to figure out who they are and which position they are talking about?

Well, it’s just one of the reasons why you need to be organized in your job search. When you are in a job search, it’s important to have a routine and good organization. Here are some tools you can use to get organized.


You will need a calendar where you will register every single appointment around your job search. If you choose a calendar in your computer, make sure you also keep a synchronized paper version with you all the time, or have it in your cellphone, in case a recruiter will catch you on the road.

Contact management system

If you are really active in your search (and let’s assume you are!), probably you will need a system to keep record of all contacts you come across on events or any other sources. You can choose among lots of systems for this purpose, a simple Outlook Contacts tool or Plaxo will do for this.

Task management system

Some people prefer to use computer systems, others choose sticky notes to keep record of tasks. Beware of this latter if you have more than one note on your desk! You need to be clear with your to do tasks and priorities, so use a clean space or system to record them!


Make sure you create a new space for all job related documents on your computer. During the course of your job search, you might have more than 20-30 different versions of your resume, you want to name them so that you can find them back easily. One easy way is to call them with the following format: your name – job title – company name. This contains all necessary information for your own records AND sounds personalized for the recruiter as well. In case you have lots of print out papers related to your job search, keep also a paper folder. The best is actually, if you keep this with you all the time (for example job descriptions you applied to), again, for the case a recruiter calls you when you are away from your desk.

Status report document – I strongly recommend you keeping a document where you record all important information regarding your search. A simple Excel sheet will do for this purpose. Prepare the following columns (in any order you wish): Company name, Location (if applicable), Position, Source, Contact’s name & Source, resume sent date, follow-up date, 1st interview, Interviewers, 2nd interview, Interviewers, Offer, Feedback. This will give you a good overview of your job search process, the steps to accomplish and can serve as statistics to see which part of the job search you need to improve. You can fill in the Company – Position – Source columns as soon as you dig out a job or company lead somewhere. You can see later clearly in this sheet that no action was taken so preparing and sending your resume will go to your task list. Again later, you will see that resume went out 2 weeks ago and still no response, so time to follow up and so forth.

Impress any recruiters with your resume

When you are looking for job, your resume and cover letter are your most powerful weapons to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume and cover letter is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume and cover letter get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Colors to Wear to Win the Job Interview


When you finally receive that long-awaited interview call, you definitely need to prepare what to say. Additionally, you need to plan well what to wear as well!

Certain colors can affect impressions and feelings greatly, in a very subtle way. Thus, if you want to appear as the best candidate, here are some colors to wear and colors to avoid.


Colors to wear:


The color navy carries authority without being overbearing. Shades of blue, in general, suggest all of the boy scout attributes: brave, reverent, trustworthy, loyal, etc. Stick with dark to medium blues for interview purposes.


The color gray makes you appear balanced, and unbiased. It’s a respectable, neutral, calm color. Wear it if you need to project a very conservative image with your most flattering shade of white. However it is the least memorable color, so, if you want to make a stronger impression, add a blouse or tie in your best shade of red, teal, or purple.


Dark tones of neutralized green, like forest or hunter, give a stable impression. It says “I’m grounded in my area of expertise.” Dark greens are linked with trustworthiness similarly to blue.


The color purple is a great alternative to navy or gray in business situations where you need to project confidence and individuality. Stick to neutralized medium to dark purples. They’re professional and appropriate. However, avoid purple if you need to fit in rather than stand out.


The color burgundy helps a younger woman look more mature and competent. If you’re new to an industry, it can say “I’m refined and experienced in my field.” It is also a recommended tie color for a man. A woman could wear it in a suit.


Colors not to wear:


Red gives the impression you’re not a team player. You seem to be only concerned about yourself, and you want to be noticed! Not the best message to be sending a prospective employer.


Brown, especially light to medium brown, can make you disappear into the woodwork. It won’t cause you to attract attention. It can seem safe and boring and a bit stodgy. One caveat though-if it’s a particularly rich shade of black-brown that matches your hair exactly, the effect can be terrific.


The color yellow is cheerful and optimistic, but it can also make you appear flighty, whimsical, so people won’t take you seriously. You’ll seem somewhat impulsive and possibly a poor risk.


Orange is a declassifier. That means you’ll appear less than classy. Orange is not good for any business situation as it’s the least professional seeming color. It can look cheap no matter how expensive the garment.

Black and White

Black and white are often suggested as appropriate interview colors, but the high contrast is extremely authoritarian, and you may seem to be challenging the authority of the interviewer. This may be a questionable choice even in a conservative arena.


Pink is passive. Good for gaining sympathy and soft hearted responses, but don’t count on it to send the message that you’re a competent professional.


Get interviewed for your dream job

Before worrying about what to wear on the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. Sometimes, crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview and negotiations, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!