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The Power of Video Resumes


Faithful old thing though the paper resume is, there is so much more you can do with a video resume to wow your hiring manager. Style Resumes tells you how!


The what and the how

As is quite evident from the term, a video resume is basically a resume that uses video to inform a hiring manager about your skills, experience, expertise, education, achievements, and any other significant factors.

Even in an everyday sense, there are more people who prefer watching movies than those who like to read. Likewise, when it comes to resumes, a video resume is more likely to interest a hiring manager than a paper resume. Bear in mind that your recruiter probably already has a ton of paper resumes to go through; so you can set yourself apart by going the video route.


Advantages of video resume

Besides being a refreshing change, video resumes also allow you to give the recruiter more details about yourself. Paper resumes are restricted by space in that you can have no more than two pages in your resume, or you risk losing the recruiter’s interest. With video resumes, too, you do have a restriction – time, in this case. However, just as we speak faster than we type and therefore can get more said over the phone than over a text message, likewise, video resumes allow you to say more about yourself than a paper resume can.

Additionally, video resumes are visual, so there is much more creativity involved. There is a lot one can do in terms of the visual effects used, the background music that is chosen and the way the text (if any) appears during the course of the video. Thus, overall, it makes for a much livelier resume.

With video resumes, one can also bring in things such as acting and role play. For instance, the first 20 seconds of a video resume can have you playing the role of a manager and enacting what you’d do in that position, if it were offered to you. Humans are visual beings, so your display of calm and control in that position will be remembered by a hiring manager much longer than the same thing being written on paper.

Not an easy task

Plenty though the advantages of a video resume are, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to create. Creating a good quality video resume — even if not a great one — requires a decent amount of skill. Furthermore, editing a video is painstaking, to put it mildly. Then adding the music in the background, embellishing with other visual effects, etc. all take time and effort. Thus, if you have made the decision to go the video resume route, let Style Resumes deliver the perfect product for you. Our creative, intelligent and interesting video resumes are sure to impress hiring managers. So get ready for the spotlight, and for the job!

10 Things to Do in a New Job


You’ve done it before – the first day. Whether it’s the first day of school or work, you’ll always have butterflies in your stomach. Doing these things on your first few days might help you settle yourself in your new job. Check them out!

  1. Be grateful. The first thing you should do is to pat yourself on the back. You finally got a job in this tough job market, while everyone else is still struggling!
  2. Observe the culture. Pay attention to everything and everyone around you. Does everyone leave right at 5:01, or stay later? Do people take work home? Follow the pack, at least for the first few weeks.
  3. Research. You must agree that the first days are usually slow. Use that time to research about your new company and job. Read any document to which you have access. This will help you get ahead of the game.
  4. Offer help. To the point above, help your coworkers in those first slow days. They’ll like you, and you’ll impress your boss, too.
  5. Take initiative. Show your boss that you don’t need to have them find you task. Even if all you do is alphabetize the file drawer, show that you can work without needing to be spoon-fed.
  6. Dress up. Dress up a little the first couple of weeks won’t hurt. If it is a casual office, avoid a suit and choose nice slacks. If it is traditional office, a suit always wins.
  7. Train your memory. Remember people’s names. We know some people are very terrible with names, but keeping a list in with a note about the person might help. For example, John sits next to me and Jessica is the stressy one.
  8. Be social. While meeting so many new people is exhausting, be sure to accept lunch and happy hour invitations. Gathering allies is important in the first few weeks.
  9. Treat people. The instant way to get people to like you is by bringing them food. Bring cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins, candies, or whatever to the office. If it is not your thing, buy a round of drinks at happy hour.
  10. Pace yourself. This may sound like slacker advice, but you want to keep some of the shine for later.

Get a new job with the help from Style Resumes

These advices will work if you have a new job. What if you have always hoped for one, yet have not been able to get it? Give your resume a face lift and watch how your fate changes.

Studies have shown that hiring managers spend just six seconds looking at your resume before determining whether you are a “YES” or “NO” for their company. Make those short seconds count; submit an impressive resume!

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!


Web resume – Going online

In this age where everything is online, web resumes are just one more addition to the list of things that have gotten relegated to the WWW.

resume black

For the world to see.

Think back to the days when people used to keep personal diaries, where they would jot down their thoughts, feelings, hopes and aspirations. Very soon, the personal diary ceased to be personal and went online, in the form of blogs. Of course, there are still some things, even today, that people do not like to share with the world and would like to keep personal, so personal journals aren’t entirely extinct, but are nearly so.

Likewise for resumes. The difference is that, as far as one’s resume going online is concerned, the benefits are manifold over the paper resume.



For starters, web resumes, by virtue of being online, are likely to turn up in search results. Whenever somebody runs a search with your name, your web resume will be among the list of results that turn up. Additionally, if you optimize your web resume with the relevant terms for your field of work, whenever somebody runs a search with those terms, your resume will be among the results once again. Thus, you increase your chances of being identified as a potential candidate for a job position. This is one-up over the traditional job sites, wherein your resume turns up only when a recruiter looks at that particular site. With web resumes, you open up a whole world of opportunities.

creativityScope for creativity

As is a well known fact, the ideal length for a paper resume is two pages. Therefore, more often than not, one ends up trying to squish in as much information in the limited amount of space, and eliminating much more. However, with a web resume, that is not a concern. True, the issue that you could lose your hiring manager’s interest still remains, but with a web resume, you can create different section, post images and PDF files of your work, upload pieces of music that you’ve created, and much, much more. This way, you won’t even lose the hiring manager’s interest.

Thus, with so many advantages, it would be silly to not make the most of this amazing tool. However, if your resume doesn’t impress the hiring manager, then the benefits of having it at your disposal will be lost. This is where Style Resumes steps in. Among the various products that we offer (style resumes, professional resumes, video resumes, setting up of LinkedIn profiles, designing business cards, writing cover letters, and more), we also create web resumes for our clients. So if you’re looking for a job, waste no time; simply get a web resume designed by our team of professionals and sit back and watch as the job offers being to stream in!

Stylize your resume

Badly written, badly formatted resumes are sure to create trouble for any person. Getting a job is difficult enough in the depressing market conditions that prevail worldwide right now. On top of that, getting rejected on the basis of a poor resume makes things worse.

Picture Perfect

Picture perfect

First impressions are extremely important. It’s the same for resumes, too. It may seem fickle to imagine that what our resume looks like is more important than the qualities, experience and expertise that we can bring to a job position, but it’s the sad truth. The first thing that a recruiter takes note of about a resume he/she is reviewing, is how appealing it is in terms of looks. Hiring managers are extremely busy and have precious little time to pore over all the details provided in the resume. Thus, for maximum impact, it is important to have a resume that ‘wows’, or you will be relegated to the rejection list or worse, the trash can.




Scott stedman

Style resumes to the rescue

Style resumes come in super handy at such times! They are visually appealing, graphic-heavy resumes. Style resumes concentrate more on the look, rather than the wording of the resume itself. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the content isn’t important; it absolutely is! However, the way in which it is presented is also of vital importance.

Style resumes use diagrams and charts to show your achievements to maximum impact. Pie charts, graphs and line diagrams are able to convey in a jiffy what it would take much longer for simple words to do. Imagine a time-pressed hiring manager being laden with the additional task of looking through resumes, and you can see at once how this situation is ideal.

Similarly, infographics make dull and boring text stand out, making it look appealing. As noted earlier, text is extremely important for a resume; it is the text of the resume that is converted into infographics for the style resume after all. Thus, one should not end up making the mistake of taking the wording of the resume lightly!

Erica Virtue

Designs on you

Graphs and pictures go hand in hand with design. There’s no point in having an interesting and innovative chart, diagrams and infographics, if they are not designed well. All your effort will go down the drain, because a badly designed style resume is not impressive at all. Thus, besides thinking about creativity, paying attention to the aesthetic value is also extremely important while designing style resumes.


An edge over the rest

In a tough job market, it becomes very difficult to get a job, owing to the growing number of competitors. Besides, a lot of the people applying for one job are equally qualified, with the same amount of experience and expertise. In such cases, it is purely a matter of luck whom the job goes to.

But if you do not want to let fate dictate your future, and want to take an active step towards finding a job, get yourself a style resume! A recruiter who is having trouble trying to decide whom to offer the job to, will be forced to give it to you, simply because you made the extra effort to make your resume look good!

Style resumes are all about understanding the elements involved and being creative. But if you feel that creativity is not your thing, have no fear, because Style Resumes can do a fabulous job for you! Leave your resume woes to us, and we’ll give you a product that no hiring manager or employer can refuse.

Preparing for Panel Interview

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Most people find any interviews, let alone a panel interview, a daunting prospect and there are very few people who enjoy the process. However, do not let this put you off; you can still prepare yourself as well as possible to face this challenge.

In today’s job market most interviews are conducted by more than one person to ensure fair-play and equality, therefore, preparation for a panel interview is no different to any other interview preparation and indeed, it is all about preparation!

There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for a panel interview and listed below are a few of the top tips.

Find out who attend

Try to establish how many people are on the panel prior to interview and their role in the organisation. This information should be accessible from the Human Resource department but is also often included on the paperwork you receive inviting you to interview. Having prior knowledge of panel members and their role in the organisation enables you to prepare in such a way so that during the interview you can address your question to the relevant person by name.

Research the job

Do your research on the job. Try to talk to the named person on the advert so that you can gain a better understanding of the role. If you can make an informal visit, great. You can then use this information during your panel interview.

Highlight your skills and abilities

When preparing your answers, look to highlight your skills and abilities in relation to the role, pulling on your strengths and remember the interview is your opportunity to demonstrate your excellent communication skills.

Practice answering questions

Practice asking yourself questions and then answering them, pulling out relevant information in relation to that question. Remember to answer the question asked and keep checking that your answers make sense in relation to the question. If possible, get some friends to act as a panel so that you can practice answering the question, making eye contact with each member of the panel. Try to use the name of the panel member who has asked the question at the start and finish of your answer.

Practice speaking and breathing

Practice speaking slowly and clearly, taking your time to ensure you are understood. Practice breathing and perhaps counting to five before answering a question so that you can compose yourself and steady your nerves.

Practice giving examples

Practice using relevant examples of your previous work or skills to demonstrate what it is you can bring to the position applied for. Often it is worth trying to think of your answer from the panelist’s point of view. Let’s say the panelist asking the question is from Finance, try to incorporate an aspect of Finance in your answer. If you can practice linking your answers also, this is even better. For example, “To expand on my answer to Paul, I have also worked in…” This will demonstrate to the panel that you have been listening and that you have the ability to link themes.

Prepare questions

Pull together a number of questions that can be addressed to different panel members in relation to their role in the organisation. For example, you could address a question about staff management responsibilities to Human Resources or the line manager. This way you can demonstrate that you are confident asking questions and that you have done your homework in relation to the role.

Get interviewed for your dream job

Before worrying about the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. Sometimes, crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview and negotiations, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!