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Hiring Experts Reveal Their Favorite Interview Questions


Originally published at Businessweek, 8 hiring experts reveal their favorite interview questions and why they asked those questions. Read below to increase your success rate in the next interviews!

Who do you most admire and why?
— Michael Yormark, President, the Florida Panthers and Sunrise Sports & Entertainment

“The answer reveals a lot about who the candidate is, who she aspires to be, and whether she has the DNA to be part of a company’s culture. It will also force the interviewee to make a decision between brutal honesty and telling the interviewer what she believes he wants to hear.”

In your last employee review, what areas for improvement were identified?
— Andrew Shapin, Chief Executive Officer, Long Tall Sally

“When candidates are honest, it illuminates self-awareness and potential weaknesses. It also helps ensure I get the best out of them. The response can easily be verified with the previous employer. I also ask what progress has been made.”

Why are you here?
— Andrew Alexander, President, Red Roof Inn

“I always ask this the minute a prospect sits down. After the initial shock wears off, I hope to hear a passion for the hospitality industry and a deep respect for customer service. I find this to be a tremendously effective way to gauge whether the person is interested in working for us or simply seeking a job.”

So you’re a Yankees fan. If you were their owner, how would you make the team better?
— Bonnie Zaben, Chief Operating Officer, AC Lion Recruiting

“I ask the applicant about their hobbies, and then we do role-play. I want to see how they think quickly and compose coherent presentations. Are they recommending specific player changes? Can they quote stats to back up a position? Can they present a cogent argument in five minutes without dead air? You’d be surprised.”

What is your passion?
— Hilarie Bass, Co-president, Greenberg Traurig

“Passion leads to success. I have turned folks away who could not frankly answer this. The people attracted to us must show absolute commitment to the practice of law and solving clients’ problems.”

You’re a project manager? Tell me about a time you had a delayed project.
— Susy Dunn, Vice President of People, Jama Software

“I always have a candidate provide a past situation similar to what they will encounter in a new position. The answer provides huge insights into their level of critical thinking, adaptability, awareness of their impact, and creativity.”

Describe an environment in which you would not thrive.
— Larry Drebes, CEO, Janrain

“The candidate is less likely to have a scripted answer, and you see some on-the-spot introspection. You can learn a remarkable amount about personality, as well as cultural and organizational impact, which is hugely important. If this question is asked early in an interview, it often yields color for a richer conversation.”

If you could do anything, what would be your ideal job?
— Liz Bingham, Partner, Ernst & Young

“A resume can tell you about their previous experience, but this question helps indicate the individual’s passions and strengths and whether they’re well-matched to the job. From aspirations in politics, to cafe ownership, to entrepreneurship, the answers are revealing.”


Happy businessman leaping into the air

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Who Needs a Graphic Resume?

Indrek Resume

Graphic or infographic resumes are the latest hiring trend. These are resumes that use artistic and imaginative methods to showcasing your skills. They have the chance to stand out of the stack and get you that second glance, where it really counts. Also, graphic resumes offer the chance to memorably demonstrate your experience and accomplishments through your personality and creativity.

However, some conservative industry experts don’t love them as much as we do. They have seen many unimpressive graphic resume which uses too much colors, icons, fancy fonts, background designs and infographics which blur the whole point of the resume itself.

So you might be asking, “Should I have a graphic resume?” Read on to find out the answer.

MUST-HAVE item for designers

If you’re a designer, graphic resume is a must-have! No one would give you a second glance if you’re submitting a plain black-and-white resume for a designer position. A graphic resume will showcase your creativity, personality and skills, and it will definitely land you the job. However, not all designers are capable in creating a powerful graphic resume since it’s not all about designs: a graphic resume is about the right keywords and user-friendliness as well. It takes a lot of research and practice to produce a perfect graphic resume.

Market yourself before you market the company

If you’re applying for a marketing position, a graphic resume will also be advantageous. It will silently tell your prospective employer that you’re very capable in marketing and differentiating yourself from your competitors, so you will surely be able to market and differentiate the company or the brand.

For the free spirits

A graphic resume is also perfect for freelancers such as photographers, beauty consultants, writers, or creative entrepreneurs. What’s special about graphic resumes is its emphasis on your skills instead of other boring, technical information that normal resumes usually have.

Something for everyone

So you’ve been told that graphic resumes works best for creative jobs in creative industry. However, if you’re applying for a conservative job in creative industry, such as an accountant in advertising firm, you can also consider submitting a graphic resume. Your prospective employers will see you as more than just an accountant; they will definitely be interested in an accountant who has a creative side and can comply with the company’s culture!

What if you’re applying for a conservative job in conservative industry? Fret not, you can also submit a graphic resume which still looks professional, with neat fonts and neutral colors and minimum use of uncomplicated graphs. There is something for everyone!

Beware of the pitfalls

Graphic resumes are fantastic. However, you should really be careful when crafting it because submitting a resume which looks amateur or unrelated to the position can backfire and turn off the prospective employers instead of interest them.

One thing for sure, resumes should be clear, clean and to the point. It shouldn’t be too fancy or entertaining that it distracts or competes with the information the prospective employer is looking for. It should be clear and easy to scan to get information needed.

So, are you ready to craft a perfect graphic resume? If you have doubts in yourself, Style Resumes are more than happy to assist you. With our special skills and experience, we will craft a unique, one-of-a-kind graphic resume, tailored to your specific needs; whether you’re looking for something wild or something neat and professional. We’re not only good with designs; we will also put the right keywords in your resume to make sure your resume leaves a lasting impression in your prospective employers’ mind.

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Hiring process 2013 – The LinkedIn way

Finding a job in a competitive world

Hunting for a job has never been an easy task. Few ever get a job by sitting around and twiddling their thumbs; for most people, it’s about working really hard to find a job they like. Thus, no stone should be left unturned while trying to look for employment. From crafting perfect resumes to reading every available book on excelling in interviews, we do it all.


As the world changes, more and more tools are constantly being invented to make our lives easier. One of these recent tools is LinkedIn. What started out as a small website in 2003 has since been responsible for thousands getting hired. LinkedIn serves almost the same purpose as a resume these days, although it could be argued that rather than replacing the resume, it is more of a complement to it.



Get noticed, get hired

When vying for one coveted position with so many others, it is difficult to ensure that you aren’t lost in the herd. But with a good resume and a great looking LinkedIn profile, you can make sure that you get noticed. Setting up a LinkedIn profile isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of time and effort.
Once you have made sure your LinkedIn profile is perfect — this includes having a profile picture that makes you look like a professional; including all relevant details in the summary section; breaking up big chunks of text into shorter sentences and bullet points; and being a part of groups and forums relevant to your industry — you can expect that interview call from the hiring manager.
Imagine your profile as an online LinkedIn resume; use effective words and key phrases to attract hiring managers if you want to get called up for an interview! So create that perfect LinkedIn resume just like how you will want your usual resume to be!


Recruitment woes

One of recruiters’ biggest problems is that they sometimes can’t tell who would be the best fit for a job until they meet the person physically. On paper, there are many who can impress with their qualities and experience alone; and if their range of experience and other qualifications are at par, this makes the recruiter’s job even more difficult.
With LinkedIn, recruiters are able to gauge a person’s personality along with their qualifications and experience. Thus, not having to go through several candidates who may not suit the company’s profile saves the hiring manager a huge amount of time and effort.

LinkedIn has thus proven to be a blessing not just for job seekers, but head-hunters and employers as well. When you know that head-hunters are actively using it to find candidates for particular jobs, why wouldn’t you make the most of it? So spruce up your LinkedIn profile for better chances of getting interview calls. But if you think doing so is not your cup of tea, we at Style Resumes will ensure that a capable LinkedIn profile writer will create one just for you! So contact Style Resumes for a swanky looking LinkedIn profile that will get you jobs, now!

– Rashida S. Arsiwala
– Style Resumes

Do Employers Want Video Resumes?

Technology has infiltrated into every nook and corner of our lives. It is perpetually developing and we are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet and anything that runs on technology.

Fortunately, the employment industry is pretty much reliant on technology too. It has steadily kept up with technological advances, especially in the business of networking and connection.

In the past, hiring processes can take months before a candidate is able to secure a job. This is due to the submission of resumes by mail. The emails and Internet took over shortly after, but these still lacked visuals. Today, video resumes are the answer to these problems.


So do employers want video resumes? Yes, and these are the reasons why.

A Video Resume Has Everything a Paper Resume Doesn’t

Hiring managers want to see abilities, skills and personality in one resume. They have so many others to look at, so don’t tire them out. A video resume enables the employer to evaluate and access all other elements at one go. This saves time and creates an impression almost immediately.

Hiring managers today look beyond just the fantastic academic records; they also want see expertise and talents that are beneficial for the company. For the job candidates, creating a video resume is effortless, convenient (can work from home) or even on the go (via the mobile phone).

Most importantly, a video resume allows you to sell yourself to your hiring manager by showcasing your abilities!


Better Communication

For those that intend to work in a reputable company or applying for a good job position, it is crucial to develop a good working relationship with your hiring manager, as he could be your colleague one day.

A video resume allows you to develop a close interaction with your hiring manager. You will be able to effectively market yourself and your capabilities! Interacting with your hiring manager through a streaming video resume is not only a good way to make an impression, it also appeals to the hiring managers, because it is such a refreshing change from the mundane, plain paper resume.

Get Called Up For That Interview with Your Own Video Resume

Now that you know what employers really want to see in a job candidate, this is your chance to create your own video resume! Not only does it capture your personality, it also displays your IT skills!

At Style Resumes, we provide affordable video resume services that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your hiring manager! Your video resume will help you land that job which you greatly deserve!

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Fahariah Yeo
Style Resumes

5 Tools to Get Organized in Your Job Search

work hard

If company X would call you regarding your application, could you track back the position in less than 1 minute? Do you think the caller would be impressed if you spent more time than necessary to figure out who they are and which position they are talking about?

Well, it’s just one of the reasons why you need to be organized in your job search. When you are in a job search, it’s important to have a routine and good organization. Here are some tools you can use to get organized.


You will need a calendar where you will register every single appointment around your job search. If you choose a calendar in your computer, make sure you also keep a synchronized paper version with you all the time, or have it in your cellphone, in case a recruiter will catch you on the road.

Contact management system

If you are really active in your search (and let’s assume you are!), probably you will need a system to keep record of all contacts you come across on events or any other sources. You can choose among lots of systems for this purpose, a simple Outlook Contacts tool or Plaxo will do for this.

Task management system

Some people prefer to use computer systems, others choose sticky notes to keep record of tasks. Beware of this latter if you have more than one note on your desk! You need to be clear with your to do tasks and priorities, so use a clean space or system to record them!


Make sure you create a new space for all job related documents on your computer. During the course of your job search, you might have more than 20-30 different versions of your resume, you want to name them so that you can find them back easily. One easy way is to call them with the following format: your name – job title – company name. This contains all necessary information for your own records AND sounds personalized for the recruiter as well. In case you have lots of print out papers related to your job search, keep also a paper folder. The best is actually, if you keep this with you all the time (for example job descriptions you applied to), again, for the case a recruiter calls you when you are away from your desk.

Status report document – I strongly recommend you keeping a document where you record all important information regarding your search. A simple Excel sheet will do for this purpose. Prepare the following columns (in any order you wish): Company name, Location (if applicable), Position, Source, Contact’s name & Source, resume sent date, follow-up date, 1st interview, Interviewers, 2nd interview, Interviewers, Offer, Feedback. This will give you a good overview of your job search process, the steps to accomplish and can serve as statistics to see which part of the job search you need to improve. You can fill in the Company – Position – Source columns as soon as you dig out a job or company lead somewhere. You can see later clearly in this sheet that no action was taken so preparing and sending your resume will go to your task list. Again later, you will see that resume went out 2 weeks ago and still no response, so time to follow up and so forth.

Impress any recruiters with your resume

When you are looking for job, your resume and cover letter are your most powerful weapons to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume and cover letter is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

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