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Who Needs a Graphic Resume?

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Graphic or infographic resumes are the latest hiring trend. These are resumes that use artistic and imaginative methods to showcasing your skills. They have the chance to stand out of the stack and get you that second glance, where it really counts. Also, graphic resumes offer the chance to memorably demonstrate your experience and accomplishments through your personality and creativity.

However, some conservative industry experts don’t love them as much as we do. They have seen many unimpressive graphic resume which uses too much colors, icons, fancy fonts, background designs and infographics which blur the whole point of the resume itself.

So you might be asking, “Should I have a graphic resume?” Read on to find out the answer.

MUST-HAVE item for designers

If you’re a designer, graphic resume is a must-have! No one would give you a second glance if you’re submitting a plain black-and-white resume for a designer position. A graphic resume will showcase your creativity, personality and skills, and it will definitely land you the job. However, not all designers are capable in creating a powerful graphic resume since it’s not all about designs: a graphic resume is about the right keywords and user-friendliness as well. It takes a lot of research and practice to produce a perfect graphic resume.

Market yourself before you market the company

If you’re applying for a marketing position, a graphic resume will also be advantageous. It will silently tell your prospective employer that you’re very capable in marketing and differentiating yourself from your competitors, so you will surely be able to market and differentiate the company or the brand.

For the free spirits

A graphic resume is also perfect for freelancers such as photographers, beauty consultants, writers, or creative entrepreneurs. What’s special about graphic resumes is its emphasis on your skills instead of other boring, technical information that normal resumes usually have.

Something for everyone

So you’ve been told that graphic resumes works best for creative jobs in creative industry. However, if you’re applying for a conservative job in creative industry, such as an accountant in advertising firm, you can also consider submitting a graphic resume. Your prospective employers will see you as more than just an accountant; they will definitely be interested in an accountant who has a creative side and can comply with the company’s culture!

What if you’re applying for a conservative job in conservative industry? Fret not, you can also submit a graphic resume which still looks professional, with neat fonts and neutral colors and minimum use of uncomplicated graphs. There is something for everyone!

Beware of the pitfalls

Graphic resumes are fantastic. However, you should really be careful when crafting it because submitting a resume which looks amateur or unrelated to the position can backfire and turn off the prospective employers instead of interest them.

One thing for sure, resumes should be clear, clean and to the point. It shouldn’t be too fancy or entertaining that it distracts or competes with the information the prospective employer is looking for. It should be clear and easy to scan to get information needed.

So, are you ready to craft a perfect graphic resume? If you have doubts in yourself, Style Resumes are more than happy to assist you. With our special skills and experience, we will craft a unique, one-of-a-kind graphic resume, tailored to your specific needs; whether you’re looking for something wild or something neat and professional. We’re not only good with designs; we will also put the right keywords in your resume to make sure your resume leaves a lasting impression in your prospective employers’ mind.

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How to Get Job Interview through Video Resume

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If you think it’s unfair that your fate is determined by a sheet of paper which spells your resume, create a video resume which will tell your prospective employers much more. But how would you do it? Here are 6 tips to getting your video resume right.

Keep it short and simple

Your video should be limited to one to three minutes in length. Identify a few key aspects of your experience, achievements or abilities that you want to focus on that will add value to the employer. It is important to stay focused and remember sometimes less is more.

Be yourself

Although it is helpful to have an idea of what you would like to say, it is important to keep it natural to avoid sounding scripted. Use your video resume to show off your personality and remember to smile and maintain eye contact throughout the video.

Dress appropriately

A video resume should be treated like a preliminary interview, so it is important to dress professionally according to the level of position. By dressing too casually, you may send the wrong message to potential employers.

Do a practice run

Film a few practice runs to be sure you are comfortable in front of the camera. It is also helpful to get feedback from others, so consider practicing on a friend or two.

Highlight top qualities

Use your video resume to highlight your top qualities and strong points. Remember to use quantifiable results when possible and highlight any specific accomplishments or special abilities that relate to the position.

Finish strong

The point of the video resume is to land an interview in person, so it is important to restate in one sentence what you can do for the company. Also be sure to include an invitation for the employer to learn more about you in person.

Create a video resume with the professionals

Not confident enough to show yourself off in camera? You can always create video resume which contains attractive and impactful animations. You surely need an expert’s hand in doing so!

At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Mobile Resume: The Wonders of a QR Code

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Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, especially in the world of resumes, job searching and interviews. The QR code is one such example of how the job world has been revolutionized.

The QR code to the mobile resume is increasingly replacing the traditional paper resumes. The mobile resume is a very attractive alternative to the plain, old-fashioned CVs and effectively shows that the candidate is equipped IT skills that are very much demanded today.

Here are some reasons why mobile resume might be the future of today’s boring paper resume.

The Mobile Resume Engages the Reader

Many job candidates today are very receptive to the world’s trends. Those that fail to keep up in this technologically-driven economy will find problems getting employed in companies that require IT skills and expertise.

The QR code is an apt representation of being tech-savvy. By handing or presenting the QR code to the hiring manager anywhere (from a job fair to a social function), the hiring manager just has to scan the code, which won’t even take a minute.  This would direct him or her to a delightful, informative presentation of a resume on the mobile phone. The mobile resume can be used for almost every industry and is definitely more eye catching than the mundane, plain paper resume.

Effectively Shows Your Skills and Expertise

The mobile resume is a wonderful invention that is convenient for both hiring managers and job candidates.

It not only helps you stand out in the job market, but it is also a good way to help make up for the lack of job experience especially for fresh graduates. Hiring managers today don’t just look at fantastic academic records; they also go for personal qualities and relevant skills. Showcase your fantastic IT skills and interpersonal skills by presenting a mobile resume. It not only displays your tech-saviness, but also your creativity and innovation! Hiring managers love candidates who are unafraid to be different and think out of the box!

Don’t Bore Your Hiring Manager

Studies have shown that prospective employers only take 15 seconds to look through a resume before deciding whether it should go into the bin. They are also likely to read at most only 15 lines of the resume before losing interest.

Avoid all these by owning your own mobile resume. You don’t have to waste paper and your resume will most definitely not end up in the bin (the physical one, that is). The mobile resume offers you the perfect opportunity to sell yourself. Show your hiring manager that you are different from all the other candidates. Show him or her that you will be an excellent person to work with because of your capabilities. You will definitely gain an advantage over the job hungry competitors because you have effectively presented your skills by producing a mobile resume, and such skills cannot be shown on a paper resume. You will seem more credible that way!

Enhance Your Job Experience with Style Resumes

Secure that dream job of yours with a unique mobile resume! What better way to create the perfect one that effectively showcases your abilities than with the help of a group of professionals that has been specializing in this industry for years?

At Style Resumes, we will create the ideal mobile resume for you as well as your very own QR code. It is not only affordable, but it will definitely make an impression in your hiring manager! So why hesitate? Engage our services and start thinking of attire for the job interview!


Why You Need an Active LinkedIn Profile

Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding and career management tool. The site has evolved from an online resume and networking site to a comprehensive personal branding resource. With the growing importance of LinkedIn, now is the right time to set up and update your LinkedIn profile. Read on of you need more reasons to polish your profile now!


It’s where professionals gather

LinkedIn claims to be the “World’s Largest Professional Network”, and they are right. Currently, they have more than 225 million members. Even though the average LinkedIn user is in their mid-40s, younger professionals and college students should use it for their advantage too. You are who your friends are, so make friends with professionals to be a professional!



It shows up on Google’s first page

When you have a LinkedIn profile, it will likely show up on the first page when someone Googles your name. So, instead of letting people check your “unclean” Facebook profile and read your random rants on Twitter, let them grasp your personal brand image from your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to control what they discover about your strengths and, more important, about your brand.


It helps you manage your professional network

LinkedIn is a great way to organize and manage professional relationships. Contacts you make during the job hunt and throughout your career may not necessarily make sense as Facebook friend. LinkedIn offers a platform for maintaining your professional network while keeping it separate from your personal life. Even better, with the use of tags, you can arrange you contacts into groups that make sense to you. Thus, LinkedIn becomes your perpetual contacts database – while allowing you to share information with various subsets of your contacts.

It’s where recruiters hunt

According to the latest research, 96% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates for open positions. Of course you must be there! If you want to be discovered, pay attention to the keywords you use in your profile. Be sure to have the right keywords peppered throughout the summary, specialties, skills, and recommendations sections of your LinkedIn profile.

Polish your LinkedIn profile now

Now that you’re aware of the importance of keeping an active LinkedIn profile, it’s time to maximize it. Research for the right keywords, write compelling descriptions, make sure everything is consistent with the personal branding you are trying to build.

Let us help you with those tricky things! Engage in our LinkedIn profile service and get discovered by top recruiters!

3 Forbidden Things to Include in Your Fresh Grad Cover Letter


So you are fresh out of college and now jumping into the real world. There are many things to learn, one of those including how to write a powerful resume and cover letter to ensure you get your dream job. As a starter, here are 3 things you should never ever include in your cover letter.

Never show desperation

So you want the job, or else you wouldn’t be going to the trouble of sending off an application, or, for that matter, bothering to find out the intricacies of writing student cover letters. It’s important to get that message across to the employer, but it’s equally important to not come across as too desperate. Never plead or beg for a position, nothing will turn employers away faster. Don’t come right out and say you’re perfect for the position – instead, use examples of your previous achievements to get the message across. You want to be seen as keen, not desperate.

Never include details of unavailability

If you’re not available to work on weekends, tell your future boss when you ARE available. The same goes for what kind of hours you can work. Don’t mention what you can’t do, mention what you CAN. Never mention that you have a holiday planned. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling in two months time or two years time, it will disqualify you pretty much immediately. Even if it’s a seemingly dead end job like flipping burgers, employers want to know that you’re in for the long haul. You can always apply for leave once you actually have the position.

Never, ever mention a lack of experience

The phrase “Although I do not have experience in [blah], I am willing to learn” should be stricken from all student cover letters, everywhere. Keep the fact that you may not have experience in the field to yourself. If you get an interview, you may wow them so much that they won’t care if they need to train you up, but if you tell them that in your cover letter, you’ll never get to see that interview room.

Don’t make mistake – get professional help

When you are looking for job, your resume and cover letter are your most powerful weapons to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume and cover letter is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume and cover letter get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!