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The Best Resume Writing Services For Job Seekers

When push comes to shove, even the most calm and collected person may act otherwise, as they say, desperate times calls for desperate measure. You cannot place a person in a box and expect him to just stay still and not fight his way out. That’s just how we are, very complex being whom no one can describe in one definite description.

Job hunting for that matter, whether you’re a fresh graduate or a professional, will never be a piece of cake. It can drive you crazy, do things you don’t normally do and make you question yourself even if you’re the most confident person in whole wide world. It can really make or break you; sometimes how you act or respond to it can define you.

Having the best resume writing service can lessen your frustration that has been eating you and is soon to make you fall into pieces also will increase your chances of finally getting a job. For those who are currently employed, some may think that unemployed people are lazy and incompetent. But we have to consider the fact that that’s not always the case. Sometimes even an intelligent; degree holder person is either in a wrong place at the wrong time or carrying a boring resume. If it’s not those two, then his just out of luck (though they say luck is also a skill).

Yes, you are smart, skilled and a unique person but everybody is (or so they say). To prove that you are the person you’re claiming to be in front of a hiring manager, it’s crucial that your resume speaks for you as well.

Companies like to place their bets where winning is guaranteed. This is why screening of applicants is tighter than ever, they wouldn’t want to waste money, time and space to someone they don’t see fit and will let them down eventually.

Before hiring managers get a chance to see you and talk to you, your resume is the first thing that they can get out of you. They will draw their impression of you from there and based on that they will decide whether to call for an interview or not. If your resume does not stand out from the pile of other resumes on their desk, then don’t expect a call.

That’s where a writing service for resume comes into the picture. You can probably do it yourself, you know the standard format all you have to do is fill out the missing information. But that’s generalized and way too generic. Hiring managers won’t even spend five minutes looking at it. You have to realize that hiring managers are very busy people, they don’t have time to read the whole resume; all they do is scanning the paper.

Resume writing services are aware of this and formulates resume in a concise but striking way. Writing a resume creatively does not mean putting all the colors in the rainbow, but emphasizing your selling point combined with show casing your personality through it and then using the company’s demographics as a pattern. Being able to balance those three key points will surely get you a job.

With the best resume writing services in your side formulating a resume that perfectly fits you, your search for a job will come to an end. Just don’t forget that a resume alone will not secure you a job, the way you carry yourself and your attitude can still affect your chances of being hired. Too much bravado won’t give you that job; try not to let it get in your head that you don’t have to do anything else because you have a resume crafted by the best writing services.

Get Hired: It’s All About the Follow-ups


Tired of rejections after rejections? The job market is very tough these days, so you need special strategies to increase your chance of getting hired. But let us tell you the secret: when it comes to job application, it’s all about the follow-ups.

What should you follow up on, and how?

Follow-up your first resume/cover letter mailing with another resume/cover letter mailing.

Things can happen with the mail–it can become lost, stolen, or delivered to the wrong address. So if you don’t hear anything from the company you applied to, it wouldn’t hurt to send in another resume/cover letter package. Wait about 1 week after you mail the first resume/cover letter. So what if they’ve already received it? Then they’ll just get a second one, no harm done. What’s the benefit of this? If anything, it will get your name and information in front of your potential employer twice. And that’s another nice little technique that helps you to stand out.

Follow-up your interview with a thank-you letter.

Too many job seekers don’t realize how important this is. Do this: before you go to your interview, the night before, begin typing the letter in your computer, and save it. Then, as soon as you get home from the interview, the minute you hit the door, sit down and finish typing out your thank-you letter. Print it out and take it over to the post office. Not to the nearest corner mailbox, but to the post office. More than likely, it’ll get to your potential employer the next day. Again, this gets your name in front of your potential employer at least twice, which can help you to stand out from other applicants that have been interviewed. It also shows your professionalism and enthusiasm for the position.

Follow-up with a second thank-you letter if you get a rejection letter.

You’re probably thinking, why should I send a follow up letter to a rejection letter? Because you never know – you could have been the company’s very next choice. What if the person they hire works there for a while, and they decide to quit? Or what if the company feels the person they hired just isn’t all they thought they would be? Either way, this would place you back in their prospective eye. So write a polite letter, thanking them for taking the time to interview you, and that you hope they might keep you in mind for any future positions that may open up.

Steal their attention with an awesome resume and cover letter

Sending follow-ups is not the only way to stand out from other applicants. A creative resume will do the trick too! Nowadays, there are many types of resumes available such as graphic resumes, video resumes, mobile resumes, and web resumes.

At Style Resumes, we specialize in creating creative resumes that will help our clients secure their dream job. From the eye-catching graphic resume, the cool video resume, the impressive web resume, to the technologically advanced mobile resume, we got it covered. Order your creative resume now!


How to Survive a Job Loss

depressed man

Anyone can get the axe at any time. It happens to good people and bad ones…hard workers as well as slackers. You may think you are too good to be fired, but bear in mind that it can happen to anyone, anytime. Here are 13 steps to prepare yourself so you can survive the sudden job loss.

  1. Keep in mind that in the current environment the idea of womb to tomb job security is as dead as a hammer. Be loyal to your present employer, but never develop a romance with the organization. Know that the relationship can end at any time. There is enough suffering in store for anyone over the loss of a job without adding the pains of an unrequited love. Look out for yourself first.
  2. Be alert and well informed at all times about the outlook for your employer and your job. If you know things are going down the drain, begin a below-the-radar search for other opportunities. If the axe falls, you’ll have a head start on finding another job.
  3. Stay prepared financially. Always try to have enough cash in reserve to cover at least three months living expenses.
  4. Keep your skills up to date with the needs of the job market. Capitalize on opportunities for additional training. Read the literature of your field.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date record of your accomplishments so you can produce a resume as soon as possible.
  6. Nurture contacts with people in your line of work and with those likely to employ your type of qualifications. Be visible through outside activities and positive publicity.
  7. Help others who lose their jobs. Also, be of assistance to those who are looking to recruit employees. They may help you some day.
  8. Understand your emotions. Psychologists say getting fired is very much like dealing with the death of a loved one. The first reaction is denial, or wishful thinking. There’s been a mistake. This can’t be true. Then the shock sets in, followed by anger, depression, frustration and fear. Worst of all is the loss of self-esteem.
  9. If you get fired, allow some time for grieving; but not too much. Don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself. It’s natural to be angry with your employer, but don’t let your feelings show. You still need him. Negotiate the best possible severance package possible for continuing pay and benefits, particularly insurance coverage. Don’t forget good references, too.
  10. Start immediately to launch your search for another, better job. Use this time to reassess the goals you have set for the rest of your life. Define the job that will enable you to achieve these objectives.
  11. Prepare a plan to market yourself. Let it be known you are available; “advertise” what you have to offer. Involve your network of friends and family in the job search.
  12. Be patient. Recognize it will take time to find another acceptable position.
  13. Don’t panic. If you possibly can afford to wait, don’t jump on the first opportunity that comes down the pike, unless, of course, it really matches up with your objectives.

Prepare the best weapon with the help from Style Resumes

Now you know that your resume very important to prepare yourself for the worst situation. So, invest in a high quality one, written by a professional resume writer – that will flatter your experiences and skills in a way nobody else can. When it comes to resumes, Style Resumes is the expert. You can choose to invest in a conventional professional resume, the eye catching graphic resume, the attractive video resume, or other types of resume.

During networking, make sure you have a unique business card design that will make everyone remember you and talk about you. Having a mobile resume will also make you the belle of the ball.

Get ready for better opportunities now!


What to do 10 Minutes before and after the Interview


When you are called for a job interview, you need to be aware that every step of the way counts for your success. You need to make a great first impression at the job interview by controlling your body language. Here are some tips to look for.

  1. Dress to kill! If you look good, you will feel good. Dressing up can increase your confidence, which has good impact to your interview as well.
  2. Stay calm. Nervousness can kill your interview, so keep calm and ace your interview!
  3. When arriving at the reception area, ask for your contact person be it the HR person or the manager who should be meeting you.
  4. Look busy if you are asked to wait. Play with your smart phone or tablet or read a newspaper. Good candidates are always busy; but maybe it’s not a good idea to let them caught you playing Candy Crush.
  5. When walking to meeting room, walk in a fair pace.
  6. When you speak, keep it short and brief. Remember the name of the person you are meeting and repeat it in the first few minutes of you meeting or interview.
  7. When you sit, make sure that you do not confront the person you are meeting or being interviewed by. Keep the angle of the seat to 45 degree.
  8. Stay calm, think before your talk. Pausing before replying to any question shows that you are thoughtful.
  9. Do not interrupt the person interviewing you. Let him/her complete the question before you answer.
  10. Believe in what you say.
  11. Live up to what you say. Stay honest.
  12. Your exit from the interview should keep the same pace you entered. Stay calm, shake hands if possible. Close the door if the person you are meeting is not escorting you to the door.

Get that interview call with the help of Style Resumes

Before worrying about the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. For fresh graduates, sometimes crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!


Cover Letter: It’s All About the Looks!

Who says cover letters have to be boring? It’s bad enough that you have to painstakingly craft one with all the appropriate details and content, so don’t bore yourself even further by producing one that will probably look like the other hundreds and thousands of cover letters stacked aside on the desk of the hiring manager.

Okay, let’s admit it. People are superficial, and they are more inclined to like something more that looks appealing or pretty. And according to a recent survey of 2000 bosses, at least ¾ of them mentioned that they go for cover letters that are different and stand out from the rest. So how do you ensure that your cover letter can grab the attention of your recruiter? Simple! Go wild with fonts, colors and language that will charm the socks off your recruiter! But don’t overdo it if you still want to look sane at least in the eyes of your recruiter and more importantly, if you still want that job position badly.

To increase your chances of getting called up for the interview, here are a few tips that will help you craft a visually appealing cover letter that highlights your personality but at the same time, retains professionalism.

Hire Me

Show originality and personality in your cover letter!

If you can pull this off without offending anyone, then you are almost one step closer to perfecting your cover letter!

Hiring managers like candidates who are able to show their personality and unique qualities in their cover letter. So stay away from templates and samples that are easily found online. Chances are, many candidates have probably used them countless times.

Add some humor and wit in your cover letter to show your creative and fun side, and prove it to your recruiter that your cover letter is more than just a piece of paper! Here is an example of an eye-catching opening to a cover letter that captures one’s personality and wit:
Nothing can beat a UI ninja. UI ninjas are masters of every style of design!
Really digging your company for its efficiency and environmentally-friendly policies. Keep up the good work guys!
By throwing in some humor and wit in your cover letter, you are adding a personal touch to it that will undoubtedly grab the attention of your hiring manager! It also shows that apart from your qualities and fantastic academic records highlighted in your cover letter, you also have the personality and right attitude to start work! Bonus points for effort and creativity!


Tell a Story

That’s right. It’s time for storytelling, but without the narration and all those wordy bits. Cover letters ultimately should have short and concise information. Include useful anecdotes or quotes that you feel can relate to the job industry or your beliefs towards the job position that you are applying for.

Recruiters like to see interest and commitment to the job position that candidates are applying for, so adding a quote or anecdote gives originality and life to the otherwise dull piece of paper.

It also shows that you have done in-depth research on the company as well as knowledge in other areas as well (using life quotes!). More importantly, you are showing that you are seriously sincere and interested about taking up the job position.

Ride the waves of today’s technology!

Throw in relevant links in your cover letter to an online resume such as a web resume, or even your very own QR code to your mobile resume!

Recruiters like to see creativity and innovation, so show them that you can make use of technology to highlight that you are up to date with the trends of today and maximizing your potential!

Additionally, such advantages are a very clever way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job hungry candidates out there. Recruiters want to be assured that candidates are able to use such skills that many companies look for today. QR codes and online links also show that you can indeed utilize such skills that cannot be shown on a mere paper cover letter.


Fonts and Points

Hiring managers usually skim through cover letters and resumes, so slow him/her down by using bold fonts and bullet points appropriately for the more relevant and important information.

These are able to grab the attention of the reader. Ultimately, content has to be brief and straight to the point, so here is an example of effective bulleting and appropriate use of bolding fonts:

My top 2 skills:
Obsessive Well within reason, I’m not crazy or anything – I just like a UI/Brochure/Website/etc to be as good as possible, and I’ve been known to go through as many iterations as I need to make that happen.

Nerd Okay, not a plus for everyone, but hear me out. I love the web, computers and what makes them tick. I constantly look for new ways to do my work, new programs, new sites and new methodologies. I won’t let my tools slow me down, and I can fix them when they break.

Adding some wit and humour doesn’t hurt as well! Experiment with language too, and the final masterpiece won’t disappoint you!

Graphics and Colors!

Last but not least, a visually appealing cover letter won’t be complete without colors and graphics! Ensure that such designs and layouts are appropriate for the industry or company. Don’t present a cover letter full of unicorns and rainbow graphics for a lawyer position! Here are some Examples:


Include relevant information and do make sure that such design does not divert the recruiter’s attention away from the main issue, and that is the main content!

Go Wild Perfecting Your Cover Letter With Style Resumes!

Now that you have a rough idea on how to go about creating a visually appealing cover letter, it can be a little problematic to try out such creativity without overstepping the limits and boundaries of professionalism, especially since you are trying this out for the first time. So let us at Style Resumes help you out!

We are team of experienced resume writers that craft unique but professional cover letters which showcase your creativity and personality! We will even assist you in providing your very own QR code to your mobile resume or links to a web resume if you decide to try out our other unconventional resume services as well! Why stop at the perfect cover letter when you can be the king of resumes too?

Fahariah Yeo Bte Noorhisham
Style Resumes