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Tailor Your Resume for the Job Position

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Your resume is the weapon to get the job of your dreams. With so many professionals applying for the same job position, how do you distinguish yourself from the others?

A very good idea will be to target every job application with a tailor-made resume. Be sure to cover the most important job skills, qualifications, and experience in your CV that is related to the job you apply for. Use the same skills, experience, and qualifications description as in the job ad, and ensure that your previous experience is clearly and relevant to the job application.

You can have a “basic resume”, and then you should just adapt that material to the wishes to you dream job. Here is how you can tweak the parts on your resume to tailor to a specific job position.

Professional Summary

The professional summary is the part where you describe your overall motivation. Here you should describe that the current job would fit into your career choice. This is should show the employer that this job is the next step on your career ladder.


Skills are mostly seen as keywords in a job ad; they are essential criteria that you have to possess to fill this position. You might not possess them all, but you must include all the required skills as much as possible. Highlight the skills where your expertise really supersedes the demands highlighted and mention the rest.

Work Experience

Your former work experience needs particular care and you should try to reuse some of the skills or goals explained in the job ad. Explain you experience very concise and clear, write the roles and tasks you had. Be sure to use the same wordings as in the requirements for this job.

Use several examples, and where it is possible show how your skills where developed and refined through your previous work experience. Make it extremely clear that you have gained extra expertise through your previous experience.

Achieved goals

Goals that you have achieved on top of your work experience for each job description are extremely positive, it shows that you aim for the goals the employer puts up and that you are dedicated to the relevant tasks. Try to use examples that are related to the new job application if possible.

Educations / Qualifications

A lot of job ads describe a certain set of required qualifications. You should try to provide qualifications that meet these requirements. Sometimes you have similar qualifications, try to convince them that they are good enough. Either do it by email beforehand so that you are sure that your qualifications are good enough. This also gives you the opportunity to have a talk with the employer before you send your resume.

Leave it to the professional

Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Why No One Wants to Hire You

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Are you a frustrated job seeker? Maybe you have been waiting forever for that interview calls, or you may have been to several interviews but haven’t heard the magic word “you’re hired” yet. So what’s the problem?

Here are some fundamental flaws that can sabotage your job search campaign.

Writing a resume no one wants to read

Contrary to popular belief, your resume can not focus on you and your past. It must show employers how you can make a difference to them going forward. They could care less about your career goals and job objectives. Or your work history, for that matter. Unless, you can show them how it affects their bottom line. And remember, employers are buying you… not your resume!

Shotgunning your resume

Some people think that if they throw enough paper into the market or post to enough job sites, the law of averages has to work for them. At some point someone will want them. To their surprise, they are wrong. The only law at work here is that the printing company and website owners are going to get rich.

Don’t waste your time sending a resume if it’s not specifically targeted. Broad distribution of your resume is the least productive way to look for a job.

Failure to follow up

Don’t even bother with a job search campaign at all if you don’t plan to follow up personally — by phone, mail of email. It’s that old competition thing again. You have to get your foot in the door ahead of the pack. And don’t expect an interview to lead to anything if you don’t follow up.

Waiting for the phone to ring

Is there anything worse than waiting nervously for someone important to call you back… especially when you think they’re supposed to?

If your attitude is, “I’ve got great looking credentials, lots of experience, an excellent work history… so here I am – come get me!” … you’re in for a long, long job search. You have to take the initiative. Pick up the phone and find out what’s happening.

Interviewing like a wimp

Look, you get only one shot at the person who could be your next boss. You’d better come across like a pro. That means: be prepared, be rehearsed, be assertive. If you’re not in control of the interview process, you’re out.

Just leave it to the professional

Now that you know what kind of mistakes you are making and how your resume is the most powerful tool you have, invest in a high quality resume that will open doors for you! Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


How should you use a non-conventional resume to your advantage?

A lot of advice online absolutely beats up on non-conventional resumes. Critics say that non-conventional resumes distract hiring managers from the meat of your resume, being your skills and qualifications. Others say that they are merely gimmicky trends.

However, it is inferior products that undermine the effectiveness of creative resumes. Simply, most of the creative resumes that hiring managers receive are done by amateurs; these graphic resumes have no concept of design, while video resumes contain no video or editing skills whatsoever. These give the creative resume a bad name.

A good creative resume supplements your professional resume. It should highlight your creativity and ability to adapt to the changes of our tech-savvy society. A good creative resume makes your hiring manager sit up. It tells your hiring manager that you can go the extra mile. Here are tips and advice for using a non-conventional resume:

Consider Your Industry. Before creating a non-conventional resume, really think about whether or not the resume will benefit you in the job market. Are there skills you have that only a non-conventional resume will emphasize? Do you want to show recruiters your creativity and innovation? If so, a non-conventional resume may be right for you.


Follow the Job Application Guidelines. Follow the guidelines on the job application and be sure to comply with the company’s application directions. If they ask for a traditional resume, be sure to give them a great one. If they ask for a resume in a particular format (a Word document or a PDF, for example), make sure your resume complies with that format. Job seekers who do not follow directions are immediately weeded out of the applicant pool. Use your creative resume as a deal-clincher. For example, you can add your web resume link into the footnotes of your resume, or attach your graphic resume together with your professional resume.

Share Your Resume With Your Contacts. Use your non-traditional resume when you have a personal contact. If you have a personal contact with the recruiter or hiring manager at a company, you can feel more confident providing a non-traditional resume. Because you know that your contact will look at your resume, you don’t have to worry about the resume being rejected because of the format. However, if your contact specifically asks for a traditional resume, be sure to do so!

Promote Your Non-Traditional Resume on Social Networks. Post a link to your non-traditional resume on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn account, or any other social or professional networking sites you belong to. They are a great way to grab someone’s attention. Who knows – someone may check out your resume website or watch your video, and reach out to you as a networking contact.

Do it Well or Not at All. When a non-traditional resume is done well, the applicant comes across as creative and innovative. When a non-traditional resume is done poorly, the applicant comes across as unprofessional and sloppy. Only create a non-conventional resume by yourself if you have professional knowledge and can create a polished final product. If you can’t handle a camera, get someone who can! For example, if you aren’t comfortable with a camera, don’t do a video resume. If you lack the necessary film, web, or design skills, there are a number of companies you can hire to help you create your dream resume.

Organizations these days look for innovative problem solvers and employees who can think ahead of the competition. Be sure to show employers that you have intellectual finesse with creative resumes that highlight your best traits.

Interview Hacks that will Help You Get Your Dream Job


So, your awesome resume just landed an interview at the job of your dreams?

Here are 5 interview hacks to get the interview going in your direction from the moment you walk into the office.

Be nice to the front desk administrative assistant

As soon as you walk in the office, the interview has started, even if you are in the waiting room. Make small chat with the front desk administrative assistant. Talk about the weather and compliment them on the office, their outfit, etc. Be genuine. Remember, everyone talks to everyone in the office. If the office admin doesn’t like you, chances are no one else will.

Get the interviewer immediately talking about something else than the interview

This works when you are walking with the interviewer to the interview office or as you walk into the interview room. This helps you establish rapport with the interviewer as soon as possible. People want to work with fun and interesting people. Your goal for the interview is to have a nice friendly conversation with them. Generally speaking, the more informal the interview is, the better it is for you. An easy way to do this is to talk about the weather, the office or even the sports game last night.

Repeat the interviewer’s name when talking with them 

It not only helps you remember their name, but it also makes them feel special. It’s a tactic many people use to keep someone else’s attention.

Take lead when discussing resume history

Make sure that you lead them over your resume history, and not them lead it. If you are guiding the interviewer through your resume, it’s best if you lead it because you know which areas are your strongest. If they lead it, they could easily start poking holes in your history and asking you tough questions you aren’t ready to answer.

Ask for feedback or clarification at the end of the interviewer

When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, a great question to ask is for direct feedback and see if they need any clarification on work history, or your answers in general. This gives you one last chance to make sure that there wasn’t any miscommunication going on.

Get interviewed for your dream job

Before worrying about what to ask on the interview, first you have to think how you could get the interview! One of the best ways to get a lot of interview calls from the right company is to submit an excellent resume, tailored to the position you are applying for. Sometimes, crafting a resume might be even harder than mastering the art of interview, so why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

A creative resume could also help you during the interview. When you submit a creative resume, you have stolen the interviewer’s attention from the beginning. Then, the interviewer will be much more enthusiastic about your prospects at the company when he/she is interviewing you.

At Style Resumes, we are well-equipped with the skills to craft a perfect resume that will get you the right job. Get one step closer to your dream job by checking out our products now!


How to Market Yourself to the Employers

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A job search is similar to a marketing campaign. You are the product you’re trying to sell, and you have to market it effectively so that employers would buy you. Here are some tips to market yourself.

Act, don’t react

When you respond to a job announcement in the local paper you are reacting. Even if you get the job the position may or may not fit your career or job objectives.

Conversely, if you have a firm grasp of what you want to do consistent with your strengths and skills and then approach employers who could best benefit from your skills and you go to them directly, wouldn’t you get more opportunities and better results? You bet you would.

Another benefit of applying this strategy, there will be less competition. A high percentage of jobs, some have estimated, are filled in this fashion.

So stop reacting so much to the job marketplace and begin being proactive. Look for opportunities that you want rather than job prospects others want for you. Take control of your job hunt and be proactive.

Know who to contact

Do you know how many job opportunities there are out there? Your job in marketing your skills is to identify all possible opportunities.

To do this you have to do some research and uncover the facts and the possible hidden job opportunities.

Lists of possible employers are everywhere. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Data bases on the internet-search for a particular industry or location.
  • Specific trade magazines and newsletters and their websites.
  • Trade associations-listing of events and officers.
  • Career associations-listing of events and officers.
  • Trade shows geared toward a particular industry.
  • Company web sites-names of managers and officials.
  • Local Business Journals-look at 12-18 months of back issues to uncover possible opportunities.
  • for networking opportunities.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce-Meet and greet opportunities.

If you think it through, you can come up with additional sources of contacts.

Prepare your value offer

What is your value offer to the prospective employer? You need to write a powerful value offer, be able to get it out with conviction in 20 seconds or so.

In any successful marketing campaign to sell a product or concept you first need to get their attention, increase their interest, add to their desire and compel them to action.

Which of the following is a compelling value offer?

  • “I have 15 years of retail management experience, in all phases of retail management including inventory control, hiring and firing and sales.”
  • “I save people money so they can live better while running a growing retail store that surpassed our sales and profit plans for the past three years.”

All of your communications, verbal and written should follow this template.

Follow-up and ask for the order

Organize your job search to follow-up on everything you mail out. Being proactive you do not accept a rejection, try to find out why you were not successful, or at least ask for a referral to another possible employer.

To many times an applicant fails to ask for the job and it goes to someone else who expresses great interest in the position and “asks for the order.” Don’t be the applicant who neglects this important step.

Let professional “marketing company” do your campaign

When you are looking for job, your resume is your most powerful sales pitch to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!