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How to Make Great First Impression

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When you are job searching, you want to be prepared from all angles. Once you apply for a job, the microscope zooms in and you must be prepared to be examined. Putting your best foot forward when you are being so closely inspected involves more than presenting an error-free resume and wearing a nice smile. Here are the three pieces that fit together to shape how employers see you. Are you lacking in any of these areas?

On paper (your cover letter and resume)

The first impression almost any employer will have of you is in your cover letter and resume. Most employers read cover letters, which are intended to set the tone for your resume and let the reader know why you are interested in the position. Resist the urge to make your cover letter boring (i.e. “I’m applying for the manager position. I am organized and task-oriented…”). You want to grab the reader’s attention so use exciting, illustrative language.

Your resume should be the perfect balance of concise and descriptive. It should give them enough results-focused information to make them interested in learning more about you. Both your resume and cover letter should be personalized to each job to which you are applying. Hiring managers can tell if you are blindly sending these documents out to any old job posting you come across.

Online (your cyber reputation)

There is a good chance you will be looked up online (or “Googled”) within the process of your job search. Recruiters, hiring managers, potential bosses and supervisors – they all want to check you out. What is it they will find? A good place to start is by Googling yourself. Cleaning up any unsavory information you find on your personal blog or website would be a good idea. Also be sure to update your social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace). Drunken party pics and lewd language – everyone can see this stuff! Most importantly, establish a solid professional networking identity through LinkedIn. This is now the “go-to” networking resource for professionals. If Facebook is your Saturday night, LinkedIn is your Monday morning. As such, it should be taken more seriously.

Not only should each of these online portals be free of any questionable information about you, they should also reflect your dedication to your career. For example, don’t just create a LinkedIn profile and leave it sparse; that communicates that you don’t have follow-through. Develop it into your online repertoire and make connections! There is online help to get starting, or you can use a professional resume writing service that offers LinkedIn profile development services.

In person (your professional image and attitude)

Once you get past the resume screening and put through the online “wringer”, you must pass the live test: the interview. This is where it is essential that your professional image and attitude are sharp and professional. What are your appearance and attitude currently communicating? Do you show up to interviews in wrinkled khakis or a too-tight miniskirt? Are you conveying arrogance or passiveness? These are all problems that can equate to saying, “I’m not right for this company or this position.”

You want to use your attire and demeanor to communicate what you really want to say: “I am a perfect fit for this company and position, and you should hire me right away!!” Send the right message by dressing appropriately and cleanly. Your attitude should mirror your appearance: confident, personable, and above all, professional. There are also many resources online for helping you to maximize your image and attitude to present the best “you.”

While most people just focus on their resume or interview etiquette, it is important that all angles are covered to ensure you present yourself in the most optimal light possible. By fitting these three pieces together you help eliminate any holes that might hurt your chances of getting your foot in the door.

Let professionals do the job

When you are job hunting, your resume is your most powerful weapon to get back on your feet. Most people think that writing resume is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


How to Survive a Job Loss

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Anyone can get the axe at any time. It happens to good people and bad ones…hard workers as well as slackers. You may think you are too good to be fired, but bear in mind that it can happen to anyone, anytime. Here are 13 steps to prepare yourself so you can survive the sudden job loss.

  1. Keep in mind that in the current environment the idea of womb to tomb job security is as dead as a hammer. Be loyal to your present employer, but never develop a romance with the organization. Know that the relationship can end at any time. There is enough suffering in store for anyone over the loss of a job without adding the pains of an unrequited love. Look out for yourself first.
  2. Be alert and well informed at all times about the outlook for your employer and your job. If you know things are going down the drain, begin a below-the-radar search for other opportunities. If the axe falls, you’ll have a head start on finding another job.
  3. Stay prepared financially. Always try to have enough cash in reserve to cover at least three months living expenses.
  4. Keep your skills up to date with the needs of the job market. Capitalize on opportunities for additional training. Read the literature of your field.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date record of your accomplishments so you can produce a resume as soon as possible.
  6. Nurture contacts with people in your line of work and with those likely to employ your type of qualifications. Be visible through outside activities and positive publicity.
  7. Help others who lose their jobs. Also, be of assistance to those who are looking to recruit employees. They may help you some day.
  8. Understand your emotions. Psychologists say getting fired is very much like dealing with the death of a loved one. The first reaction is denial, or wishful thinking. There’s been a mistake. This can’t be true. Then the shock sets in, followed by anger, depression, frustration and fear. Worst of all is the loss of self-esteem.
  9. If you get fired, allow some time for grieving; but not too much. Don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself. It’s natural to be angry with your employer, but don’t let your feelings show. You still need him. Negotiate the best possible severance package possible for continuing pay and benefits, particularly insurance coverage. Don’t forget good references, too.
  10. Start immediately to launch your search for another, better job. Use this time to reassess the goals you have set for the rest of your life. Define the job that will enable you to achieve these objectives.
  11. Prepare a plan to market yourself. Let it be known you are available; “advertise” what you have to offer. Involve your network of friends and family in the job search.
  12. Be patient. Recognize it will take time to find another acceptable position.
  13. Don’t panic. If you possibly can afford to wait, don’t jump on the first opportunity that comes down the pike, unless, of course, it really matches up with your objectives.

Prepare the best weapon with the help from Style Resumes

Now you know that your resume very important to prepare yourself for the worst situation. So, invest in a high quality one, written by a professional resume writer – that will flatter your experiences and skills in a way nobody else can. When it comes to resumes, Style Resumes is the expert. You can choose to invest in a conventional professional resume, the eye catching graphic resume, the attractive video resume, or other types of resume.

During networking, make sure you have a unique business card design that will make everyone remember you and talk about you. Having a mobile resume will also make you the belle of the ball.

Get ready for better opportunities now!


Why do I need an effective resume?

30 seconds. That’s all the time you have to make  an impact on your prospective employers.  Research has found that subjects who were shown 20- to 30-second video segments of interviews rated applicants similarly to interviewers who had spent full 20-minute sessions with those applicants. Interviewers really gauge applicants and their resumes based on first impression! As such, your best shot at getting the interview depends a lot on what you have on your resume. Having an outstanding resume is important in this day and age, regardless of whether you’re applying for an intern position at a small firm or a managerial position like the Vice President of Del Monte. When head hunters and employers of large and small companies look for talent, they’re searching for a great resume. Thus, you should strive to be a savvy job seeker with a polished resume.

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In today’s competitive and globalised world, applicants are faced with competition from a larger pool of people which include those from beyond your borders. Thus, it is pertinent to have your resume done immaculately. Though a resume itself will not land you the job, it gets you the interview where you can further convince and sell yourself to prospective employers by telling them why you fit the job.A well-written resume that presents your accomplishments and skill, when written in a succinct but persuasive way, speaks volumes on your behalf and opens many doors to the industry you are targeting.

Professional Assistance

However, writing a cohesive resume that persuades on your behalf may not be all that straightforward. Although some may contend they would be the best person to write their own resumes as that nobody knows them better than themselves, the reality is that most job hunters would often find it difficult to write about themselves. “I am not sure how to begin” is a common cry. This is when a trained professional resume writer can be most helpful to help you with your resume writing. They would be able to customise your resume based on the needs or specific requirements of your targeted industry so as to create a professional profile that would give you the extra edge. The professional resume writer would also be able to ensure that the format is suitably designed to be compelling and attention-grabbing to your prospective employer. In that sense, the professional assistance will put you far ahead of the competition in getting you the interview.


There’s more than meets the eyes

Another misconception that people tend to make when they write their own resumes is that they list a summary of their job history or their career. This is one of the mistakes that should be avoided as you have to make your resume effective by providing future employers with relevant information as to why you should be selected for the job. What an effective resume does is that it gives your employers various reasons why hiring you can benefit them. A professional writer is able to do that more succinctly and effectively.

Let’s put it this way – an effective resume is an investment for your future. Just think of the monetary loss should you lose the opportunity of landing the job. Convince your employers of your worth the effective way – invest in a professional resume writing service.

Why You Shouldn’t Copy a Sample Cover Letter

Most candidates who have never written a cover letter before in their lives, or have obviously struggled to craft one, have probably referred to cover letter samples at some point. It is not surprising that they have used such samples as their own.

While doing this may be useful and definitely lighten the burden of having to craft an original one, here is some news flash: Hiring managers have probably seen such samples before in many other cover letters of job applicants, and they immediately lose interest. How are you supposed to stand out from the pack of competitive job hunters when you probably have the same cover letter as some of them?

Running Man

While most applicants get the rough idea of the format of a cover letter and what to include in it, the trick is to market yourself in the cover letter by showing your creative yet professional side. A boring sample cover letter cannot get you anywhere near that desired interview and eventually, that job that you have always wanted.



Into The Bin

Research shows that hiring managers take less than 30 seconds to skim through cover letters and resumes before deciding who gets the interview. With a boring, mundane cover letter taken from the internet, yours will probably go into the bin without a second glance from the prospective employer.

Sample cover letters taken from the internet probably feature the standard format and structure that applicants are supposed to follow. However, this is precisely the reason that the cover letter will not catch the attention of the hiring manager because it is too generic and ineffective. So how do you go about writing a cover letter that screams you?


Personalize your cover letter

According to Janet Daley, director of internship programs at Stevenson University, personalized cover letters will definitely distinguish a candidate from another because he or she is seen to have taken the effort to and time to research the organization and demonstrate what makes him or her as an excellent candidate. So what should you do?

•    Be aware of what hiring managers look for in a cover letter and provide all those information.
•    Be straight to the point. This is not a story telling session so be brief and direct.
•    Ensure that the first paragraph of the cover letter reflects the job that you are applying for and where you found the posting.
•    Personalize the second paragraph of the cover letter by relating relevant skills to the job description.
•    Your closing paragraph should include your contact number and always remember to thank your hiring manager for taking the time to read your cover letter. After all, you will be working with him or her!


Show that you are awesome!

Be confident and positive. Don’t showcase yourself as weak, timid, desperate or needy. You have to show your hiring manager that you are an excellent asset to the company in a competitive field.

List down one or two qualities that you have developed to a greater degree, and emphasize those qualities. Show that these qualities will help you be ahead in the job race and that they are useful for the company. Showcase your strengths, creativity and optimism. Because if you can’t share anything that makes you seem different and better, someone else will. They will get hired, you will get ignored.


Be the King of Resumes

Now that you have established some dos and don’ts in writing that cover letter, start perfecting that cover letter right now! But it will definitely be better with the help of some experts who have been specializing in this field for many years! At Style Resumes, we provide the best cover letter services for you so you will not feel helpless in this competitive world of job hungry wolves. Equipped with years of experience and in depth knowledge, we will assist you in securing that dream job with the perfect cover letter that totally screams you. So why hesitate? Leave all your worries behind and let us handle this for you!

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Style Resumes

The Applicant and a Resume Writing Service

Like anything else in life, anything you do has its ups and down, but then that’s life. You can never know what to expect especially when you are in the middle of job hunting. You are already tired with the endless walking, drenched with sweat, you feel that your legs are starting to give, feet are numb and above all you’re starving. In addition to that, the most irritating is you get turned down from one company to another and you are still not getting hired. You begin to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” you have an amazing background and experience, nice and neat credentials, unique personality plus you’re good looking, so what’s lacking? This could be surprising but you probably need a resume writing service. Yes you read that right, these days a writing service for resumes has been the savior of many applicants in order to land a job.


What is Resume Writing Service?

We, at Styleresumes offer various services of resume writing wherein we craft the highly appropriate resume that highlights you best selling point, strength as well as your professional background. Our team collaborates with you to formulate your resume in accordance to your preference that fits your qualities and character well. Composing resumes is a kind of service that we take pride in for the reason that we value our clients’ aspiration, that we ensure to produce resumes that will be beneficial and advantageous to you, we see to it that we surpass your expectations regarding our style and brand in helping you with transcribing resume.

Why Hire Somebody To Pen My Own Resume?

Sure you may have all the necessary and impressive qualifications, certificates not to mention references that back you up but what you may not realize is that all of those are not being emphasized on your resume, or it could be that maybe, the way how your resume looks simply bore the hiring managers who have read it. Having an expert do your resume for you can improve its manifestation and that would mean stepping up your chances of being hired, furthermore, it can even secure you that elusive job.

Success finally!

Now that you who what to do, where to go and who to approach, we promise you that, days of spending an enormous amount of time on uncertain search for vacancies are gone, our resume writing service will know how to remedy your situation, moreover we are here to aid you in any way possible to guarantee you that you are headed to being employed. Avail our writing assistance for your resume, NOW!