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How to Get Your Resume Shortlisted

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With all of the time and energy job seekers put into crafting the perfect resume, it’s unfortunate to learn that hiring managers, human resource managers, and recruiters will decide your fate within 6 seconds of viewing your resume.

In today’s competitive job market, a single job posting can elicit hundreds of resumes. Without doing anything crazy, how can job seekers increase their resume’s chances of landing in the interview pile and not the trash? Here are four easy ways to get your resume viewed:

1. Customize your resume to each job that you’re applying for. Many job seekers put far too much focus on quantity rather than quality during their hunt for a job. This is usually made evident to potential employers by the lack of customization in a candidate’s resume.

While it takes a significantly larger amount of time and energy to tailor each resume you send out, this method has proven to be most productive. Directly matching your qualifications, skills, and previous experiences to the specifications of the job description is certain to captivate your reader. Customizing your resume will also help you to understand whether the position you’re applying for it truly a good fit…and not just a desperation application.

2. Content is king, but don’t forget the overall picture. Many job seekers get so caught up in their descriptions that they end up losing their readers by due to repetition. A clear, concise and straight-to-the-point resume won’t waste a hiring manager’s time. But a sure-fire way to direct your resume to the nearest recycling bin is readability.

Does your resume please the eyes? If you don’t want to engage a professional resume writer / designer to make your resume appealing, you should at least learn some basics to make your resume pleasing to the eyes. Your resume should embrace white space by creating a margin that is at least one inch. Blank space between various sections of your resume will make it easier on your reader and create a more organized look. Stick to bullet points and a minimum of two fonts to keep your well-written content readable.

3. Apply to jobs using a niche job board. Have you created the perfect customized resume numerous times over and still haven’t received a response? Take a step back and address which kinds of job boards you’re searching and applying for openings through. If they’re any of the big-name job boards, this could be the answer to your question. Major job boards only have a one to four percent success rate, and with applicant pools ranging into the hundreds, you might not want to test your luck. Stick to niche job boards within your industry to raise your chances of getting your resume seen by a hiring manager, including those using recruiting software.

4. Create a video resume. If you’re looking to spice up your resume and try something completely new, creating a video resume could be just the boost you need. In just 60 seconds, a job seeker can make themselves more memorable to hiring managers than a PDF resume could ever have. Video resumes allow for candidates to connect with hiring manager on a whole new level, all while depicting their personality, communication skills, and confidence.

Get Professional Help

When you are looking for job, your resume and cover letter are your most powerful weapons to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume and cover letter is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume and cover letter get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Job Hunting for Beginners: 12 Tips to Get Your Dream Job

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Finding a job is getting harder these days; thus you need to plan and strategize if you want to get your dream job. Here are 12 tips to get your dream job:

1. Get the required skills. The honest truth is employers are looking for the person with the skill needed for the job. Therefore ask yourself, do I have the required skills? If no, then go get the skills.

2. Get the right qualifications. Many unemployed graduates go about with the same level of qualification with the other. Get ahead, get more professional exams, learn what’s new about your career, get into it and if possible get certified on it.

3. Get some working experience to boost your confidence and resume. Employers mostly prefer to recruit people with sufficient experience in the field. If you are yet to have any working experience, as you seek your desired job you can also find something doing in other to gain some experience. Although it may have a low pay, but the experience gained will build your confidence and will reflect in your resume. Another good idea is to volunteer in an organization that supports cause that it close to your heart.

4. Top up your education if you can afford it. Does your dream job require a Masters degree, yet you do not have one? Consider going back to school to give yourself an extra advantage.

5. Get yourself found. Getting found by employers is an important thing you must do. It goes beyond submitting resume for interviews. If you have something to showcase for your intellectual work or talent, you can forward it to employers or display it through other known medium. This is expected to give a good impression yielding a contract, part-time or full-time job as desired.

6. Always present yourself well. The way you present yourself will give an impression about you, and a good presentation will produce a good impression. Even if you are certain or closer to having the job, you should never give up on having a good presentation. You can never tell what could make the difference, as you know there are lots of people competing for the job. Presentation involves how you package your resume, your physical appearance (including your mode of dressing) and so on, basically whatever it is that represents you. It doesn’t mean you should be extreme but not taking things for granted.

7. Be honest on your resume. Never lie on your resume. Lying to gain the attention of the employer, to impress or to meet the requirement for the job will not do you any good because you can be exposed at any time. Employers can find out and that’s just the end for the job. You might even be handed over to the right authorities.

8. Know what’s on your resume and be able to defend it. It will be silly for example to be asked what year did you finish your secondary education and you cannot give a correct answer, whereas it is clearly stated on your resume. You need to know all that is stated on your resume and rightly defend them.

9. Be Punctual. Whenever you have an appointment with employers, you should be there on time. Punctuality shows your level of seriousness, how well an employer can trust you and how responsible you are. You have a chance to show an employer how serious you are about the job by being punctual, don’t blow it away.

10. Follow Instructions. Countries with high rate of unemployment imply there will be more people competing for a job than normal. So employers might use the slightest carelessness of job seekers to disqualify them for the job. Therefore pay attention to details and follow instructions.

11. Show why you are the right man for the job. Remember, employers are always looking for someone who is right for the job- someone who will deliver. If you believe you are the one and you want this job, prove it to the employer by showing your competence, talent, skills and experience. You can also be creative when applying this. If you have something to show for it, you can showcase or present it for employers to see.

12. Get a professional, eye-catching resume. When you are looking for job, your resume and cover letter are your most powerful weapons to score that dream job of yours. Most people think that writing resume and cover letter is an easy job. However, more often than not, they are wrong. They end up submitting a messy and unimpressive resume which is quickly thrown into the trash bin.

Don’t let your resume and cover letter get treated like that! At Style Resumes, we know what we’re doing. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job by giving them an impressive resume and cover letter that made employers feel in love with them. Get in touch with us and let’s craft that perfect resume!


Tips On Efficient Business Cards That Will Work For You

Carrying a business card is important for every businessman in order to establish and expand their connections among their circuit. However, more often than not, people barely glance at business cards and then it gets slip into something and forgotten.

If this always happens, how can a business person grow clients, business associates or connections? Especially when you are somebody who is starting on the business, it is essential that you carry a card that will make people remember you, recommend, and refer you, but then unless your business card looks interesting enough for an individual to really read it’s content, you won’t get anywhere near success.

This is why these days, business cards should be given more effort in creating it, to make it look professional and yet it exudes your unique personality and represents your firm well. Here are some tips that will make you achieve that.

No Feather Light Cards

Once you hand out the card, the feel of the card on their palm is what they notice before they even get the chance to scrutinize the design or information on it. So if it feels nothing, as if they’re not holding anything because it’s too light then it may seem like you’re unprofessional who does not take small details seriously.

Don’t Leave Out The Essential Details

Before you worry about the design, whether the color is too bright or if you should even use color, make sure that all the vital information like your name, position, company, contact details are there. What’s the use of receiving a business card if there’s no contact number in it for you to get in touch with the person who gave it right?

Design Should Match Your Business

Whatever kind of business it is that you have, it should be appropriately represented by your card; unless you want to be mistaken for a funeral services when you’re actually in the interior decoration industry.

Use Readable Font Size

There’s nothing more irritating than receiving a card where you have to squint in order to read the information that you need, it makes you ask yourself like did the owner really want you to contact him or he just wanted you to display the card in your card holder?

Having a professional looking and eye-catching business card does not have to be expensive, it only has to be well-thought in order for it to pave a way for your business on a progressive road.

Power up your resume

A resume is the starting point in one’s career. It is impossible to look for a job without a resume. Thus, it’s imperative that you ensure yours is as powerful as it can get to create a great impression on the recruiter.

Resume dos and don’ts

Dos & don'ts

Before you submit your resume to a potential employer, check to see if it meets the criteria for a good resume. As a standard, a resume shouldn’t be more than two pages long; the reason is that beyond that, it is difficult to sustain the attention of the person perusing it. Therefore, you must be selective about what you do or do not put in your resume.

Make sure the details that you include are relevant. If you are applying for the position of a copy editor, the recruiter isn’t interested in reading about your job as a bartender while you were at University. At the same time, however, do not discount odd jobs entirely; if you want that marketing manager position, the hiring manager would definitely be interested in hearing about the time you spent trying to sell ad-space in your college newspaper. The idea is to include relevant details, no matter how inconsequential they may seem to you.

Upping the ante


Once you’ve ensure that your resume is perfect in terms of content, it is time to ‘optimize’ it. When a hiring manager sees the same old resume time and time again, with same old done and dusted words and phrases like ‘highly dedicated’ or ‘team player’, it fails to make a mark and your resume is likely to get lost in the crowd.

However, there are some words that can definitely make an impact. They will guarantee you get into the hiring manager’s good graces. So go ahead and make sure to include as many as you can to optimize your resume. A word of caution though — just because there are 100 words, doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Make sure you use what fits, and discard what doesn’t for your resume.


So go ahead and use these words to your advantage in your resume, and wow your employers! But if you’re having trouble doing so, worry not. Style Resumes can provide professional resumes that are not only thoroughly detailed, but which also grab attention by placing the right details, in the right place, in the right format. So get in touch with Style Resumes and bid adieu to all your resume writing woes.

Expect The Unexpected With The Help Of Professional Resumes

Unexpected things happen all the time, especially when you least expected it. It surprises us and may leave us stunned when we are not prepared that’s why they always say that we should always expect the unexpected because when we do, we become prepared and equipped to conquer possible blows that may come and shake us, leaving us helpless and clueless of what to do and how to act.

Economy for that matter is never stable, it’s good and rising today and dropping the next day; which is why companies go bankrupt left and right, drastic layoffs happen every so often, worsening working conditions and gross cutting on salaries, bonuses and incentives happens in order to survive the economic seesawing.

When such events happen, employees and applicants absorb the hardest and most painful blow. Employees who have been in the company for a long time suddenly losses their job, deductions on a barely getting by salary or applicants stuck on the job hunting route feels the weight of these things that is why everyone should always be ready and be equipped with a winning professional resume.

Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to start the working world, a professional who suddenly lost his job or an employee who is no longer happy with his current job and planning for a career change, arming yourself with a professional resume that you can use to land you a job despite the economic crisis or your status that during the present situation, hiring managers may doubt you a little and hesitate to hire you.

We cannot control how the economy will turn out and how companies will react and take action from it, but we definitely can control how our resumes will look and how to make it appropriate depending on the company and the situation.

This is why there are professionals who crafts resumes for you that will create it impressively to win you a job, all you have to do is take advantage of it and find your way to the challenging journey of job hunting.
We can’t prevent setbacks from materializing but we can always have a backup plan and a weapon that we can use to get through it, we just have to brace ourselves, accept whatever it is that’s going to come and be flexible enough to live through it because there is no other way to go and we can never escape this kind of cycle.