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Business cards are an essential tool for professionals to keep in touch with others in the business, without the hassle of having to write down names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Having a business card makes you look like a professional, so it is important to have one. However, business cards are also extremely commonplace; so once you give your card to a person, they may put it in their card holder and forget all about it. However, if your card stood out from the rest, they would not only notice it, but also remember you for it.

At Style Resumes, we create business cards to impress. Our designers will create personalized cards that appeal to the creative mindset and ensure that you are noticed for being the unique person that you are. While being innovative, our designs will also be relevant to your profession, so that your new contact knows you have an eye for detail.

We always think two steps ahead to provide the best service to our clients. So when you purchase the web resume as well as business card from us, we will add a QR code to your card. Complement your resume with your very own business card now! Purchase our mobile, video or web resume and we will embed a personalized QR code and web link onto your business card. Simply hand over your card to potential recruiters along with the embedded QR code, and wait for that interview call. But before that, give us a call to get yourself this wondrous product!

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