Job Hunting for Beginners: 12 Tips to Get Your Dream Job

  By style_admin on June 28, 2018
Job Hunting for Beginners: 12 Tips to Get Your Dream Job at Style Resumes

Finding a job is getting harder these days; thus you need to plan and strategize if you want to get your dream job. Here are 12 tips to get your dream job: 1. Get the required skills.  The honest truth is employers are looking for the person with the skill needed for the job. Therefore ask yourself, do I have the required skills? If no, then go get the skills. 2. Get the right qualifications.  Many unemployed graduates go about with the same level of qualification with the other. Get ahe..


Conversation Topics during Job Interview

  By style_admin on June 25, 2018
Here are some meaningful topics of relevance to help build rapport during an interview at Style Resume

People hire people they like. So while your skills and experience are important elements to securing a job offer, just as important is your ability to build rapport that is natural and engaging with your interviewer. The rapport you establish during an interview can greatly impact the impression you leave behind. Effectively building rapport is what gives many candidates the leg-up in the company's interview process. Even if the candidate does not have as much experience as another candidate,..


Step by Step Guide to Prepare for an Interview

  By style_admin on June 14, 2018
Step by Step Guide to Prepare for an Interview at style resume

When it comes to interview preparations, most people will start to tremble in fear. They cannot seem to overcome the fear and nervousness of attending an interview. These guides may help you in passing your interview successfully! Research the company First of all, you have to be very familiar with the company that you want to work for. Before going for an interview, you will have to use all the sources you can like newspapers, magazines and the Internet to search for information about the com..


Preparing for Panel Interview

  By style_admin on June 4, 2018
Preparing for Panel Interview at Style Resumes

Most people find any interviews, let alone a panel interview, a daunting prospect and there are very few people who enjoy the process. However, do not let this put you off; you can still prepare yourself as well as possible to face this challenge. In today's job market most interviews are conducted by more than one person to ensure fair-play and equality, therefore, preparation for a panel interview is no different to any other interview preparation and indeed, it is all about preparation! ..


Colors to Wear to Win the Job Interview

  By style_admin on May 24, 2018

When you finally receive that long-awaited interview call, you definitely need to prepare what to say. Additionally, you need to plan well what to wear! Certain colors can affect impressions and feelings greatly, in a very subtle way. Thus, if you want to appear as the best candidate, here are some colors to wear and colors to avoid.  Colors to wear: Navy The color navy carries authority without being overbearing. Shades of blue, in general, suggest all of the boy scout attributes: brav..

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