Business Cards that will Make an Impact

  By style_admin on April 10, 2015
Business Cards that will Make an Impact @ style resumes

Despite its relatively small size, a business card can be critical to the development of your business. As business cards are often handed to prospects and customers, they can be a highly personalized form of marketing. With it, you are giving you contact information to potential clients or existing customers to make them loyal. However, some people receive hundreds of business cards from various individuals and they rarely remember any of them. An unimpressive business card might even end up..


Show Off Your Strengths in Your Resume!

  By style_admin on February 25, 2015
Show Off Your Strengths in Your Resume

Among thousands of job seekers who are all competing for one job position, how do you get picked out by the employer? The answer is to give them what they need; tell them your strengths which make you stand out from your competition. Thus, before you start a resume, you must identify what are your strengths and weaknesses. Your resume must then able to show your future employer that the strengths you possess will provide the skills required to execute the job you are applying for. Here are..


How Finding Job is Similar to Finding Love?

  By style_admin on October 1, 2014
How Finding Job is Similar to Finding Love? at

Is finding a job like finding love? With today's job market, it can be just as tough to find a good job as it is to find a good companion. But the way you approach finding a mate is not so different from the approach you should take when trying to find a job. While it's true that opposites attract, most people seek a mate with common interests and values. You've also probably heard that you have to know and love yourself before you can know and love another person. The same is true when determin..


How to Get Noticed at Job Fairs?

  By style_admin on May 2, 2014
How to Get Noticed at Job Fairs? at

If you’re on the job hunt, one of the best things you can do is to attend a variety of job fairs. These fairs bring together companies that are looking for great employees and those who are searching for the perfect job. However, there is usually a lot of competition at job fairs, which means that you need to stand out from the crowd. How can you stand out and get noticed? Read on. Prepare for the Fair One of the first things you need to do to stand out is make sure you are prepared. Prepari..

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