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A cover letter is essentially a letter of introduction, customized for the job that you are applying to. It is a complement to a resume, which usually doesn’t allow you to include details such as personality traits, working style and other important interests. But all of these can be included in a cover letter! A cover letter gives you an edge over the rest of your competitors, because it shows that you’ve really read the job description and not just sent out mass resumes. A good cover letter should be customized for the job that you are applying to.

In the competitive job market today, your winning resume may be completely passed over if your cover letter doesn’t capture the interviewer’s attention. A well-written, targeted cover letter that powerfully introduces your resume is vital to opening doors and generating job interviews.

Our customized cover letter will help you market yourself in a way that is deemed fit by the company, demonstrating just how your unique capabilities and qualifications directly relate to that prospective employer’s specific needs. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that your most unique qualities are highlighted in the cover letter. This positions you as an asset to the company and complements your resume to add further credibility to your application.

At Style Resumes, our team of professional writers specialize in their respective fields, ensuring that you get the best cover letter to boost your career. We will compose a unique and compelling letter to help you land that job. So, what are you waiting for? Complement your resume with an equally brilliant cover letter. We promise that your chances of getting that coveted job will shoot up!

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