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web resume customer

Rakesh Sengupta

Well done Style Resumes! You’re team is so professional, from the time I ordered until I received my resume, it was a great experience working with you guys. I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends! You’re Web resumes are so wonderful. You allow so much creativity without worrying about space. As a designer, I wanted to showcase my work in a fun and interesting way; You helped me do that. Thank you guys!

professional resume customer @ styleresumes.com

Kent Edwards

I would surely recommend their services to my peers, they were so patient to all my comments and updates specifically the writer who handled all my disagreements professionally. The results even turned out to be much better than I expected! This site is truly recommended for all professionals.

video resume customer

David Adrianus

I am so impressed by the quality of the video resume you guys made for me. I uploaded it on YouTube and send out the links to a few recruitment firms and I currently have 16 emails for interviews just in 3 days!! Totally worth it!

professional resume customer @ styleresumes.com

Mark Wilson

Excellent service.  My writer have managed to turn my 6-page unedited pages of my responsibilities and qualities to a 2-page concise document. I don’t have any concerns about recommending Style Resumes to anyone, regardless of where you’re at in your career.

graphic resume customer

Park Su Bin

I wanted to apply for a job position of a designer, so I needed a resume that would market myself to my best advantage. The graphic resume services by Style Resumes were great! The graphics were absolutely wonderful and information on the resume was short but effective in bringing out my best qualities!

business card customer

Steven Yang

As a first time entrepreneur, it is extremely crucial to establish networks and promote my company services. Style Resumes helped create a beautiful but professionally crafted business card for me and now it is so easy to simply hand out my business card to investors and potential partners during networking events and functions. Thanks Style Resumes!

LinkedIn profile customer

Henry Smith

I engaged the LinkedIn services by Style Resumes and now I find myself having to reject job offers because of the overwhelming numbers that I receive on LinkedIn!

web portfolio services

Jason Martin

My friends and I were looking for a resume writing company to help us write our resumes, since we are graduates and we needed to be ahead in the job race. I chanced upon the Style Resumes website and I was amazed with their unconventional products! I decided to try out the web portfolio services and now I have a job in just a short period of time!

mobile resume customer @ styleresumes.com

Kayla Johnson

I love the mobile resume services that Style Resumes offers! My mobile resume is not only professionally well done, but it has also landed me several interviews in just a few weeks! Thanks Style Resumes!

video resume customer @ styleresumes.com

Aaliyah Abdul Malik

It was really hard for me to change jobs since I am already in my 40s and I wanted a change in the working environment. Style Resumes helped create a stunning video resume and I was able to get hired in one of the top media companies in US. Great job Style Resumes!

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