5 Unusual Ways to Find Jobs

  By style_admin on May 17, 2018
5 Unusual Ways to Find Jobs at style resumes

Job hunting has become the daily activity of millions of people who have found themselves out of work. They are finding that even low paying positions that were previously always available are being sought out by so many people looking for work. How can you stand out and get hired in that kind of situation? Here are some suggestions that could help you do just that. Social Networking Social Networking sites are how people are meeting others in this day and age. In the same way that people have..


Body Language During Interview

  By style_admin on May 14, 2018
Body Language during Interview @ Style Resumes

If you aren’t a little nervous on entering a job interview then it might be worth questioning how much you really want it. Nerves show that the opportunity means a lot to you and that you want to get it right, something many employers will be fully aware of (however much they let you squirm). But it’s still important to make sure these nerves don’t conceal the true passion you have for the job – or worse, distract from it. During interviews, it’s not only your mouth that does the ta..


Do Professional Resume Writing Services really help?

  By style_admin on May 10, 2018
Do Professional Resume Writing Services really help

This is one of the many questions job searchers ask when their application isn’t working well, having a thought that it might be because of the poor resume. Some are looking for a professional resume writing services believing that it could help improve their resume. Hiring someone to have you a professionally-written resume does not spell foolish. It just means that you are having a professional resume writer who knows what employers look out for and know how to tailor a resume that brings..


3 Systematic Steps to Find Jobs

  By style_admin on April 19, 2017
3 Systematic Steps to Find Jobs @ style resumes

Due to rising competition these days, many people have no idea how to find a job they like. To make matters worse, many don't plan properly before job hunting as they go around asking for jobs in a non-systematical manner. This of course, will often bring failure. How to find a job effectively? If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, the secret is to just follow three simple steps. The trick though, is to actually execute it. Here are the aforementioned steps to give some organiza..


What to Do After Graduation?

  By style_admin on April 17, 2017
what to do after graduation? at styleresumes.com

Graduation can be a time of mixed emotions for students. On one hand, you’ve graduating after years of hard work and the world of work seems like a welcoming prospect after living on a student loan, but on the other hand, graduation signals the end of an era in your life which can bring up some troubling uncertainties. But it’s important to remember that every graduate’s path is different and that the road to that dream job is never going to be comparable to the paths which other gradua..


Steps to Writing a Great Resume

  By style_admin on April 8, 2017
steps to writing a great resume at styleresumes.com

Many of us think we know how to write a resume – but when it comes to crafting that career-furthering snapshot of our professional lives, many of us lack the insights to be able to transform a good CV into a truly great CV. Having a polished, succinct and professional CV makes a crucial difference to your chances of being invited for that all-important interview. To help get you noticed and on the shortlist, here’s our guide to on how to write a resume that stands head and shoulders above..


Why You Shouldn’t Copy a Sample Cover Letter?

  By style_admin on September 11, 2015
Why You Shouldn’t Copy a Sample Cover Letter @ Style Resumes

Most candidates who have never written a cover letter before in their lives, or have obviously struggled to craft one, have probably referred to cover letter samples at some point. It is not surprising that they have used such samples as their own. While doing this may be useful and definitely lighten the burden of having to craft an original one, here is some news flash: Hiring managers have probably seen such samples before in many other cover letters of job applicants, and they immediately..


How to Job Hunt Like a Pro?

  By style_admin on August 21, 2015
how to job hunt like a pro at styleresumes.com

Has your job hunt generated results? If it hasn’t, learn these tips to make our job hunt effective. Have a plan A job search is about marketing yourself and, just like any other marketer, you need a marketing plan that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. In order to build a plan, you must first determine your goal-What sort of job do you want? I know, you are tempted to say, any job that pays. But, think of it this way. Just like a marketer will pick a target audience i..


How to Negotiate for Better Salary?

  By style_admin on July 10, 2015
How to Negotiate for Better Salary @style resumes

These days, it can be tough to find a good job. There were a lot of people in that waiting room who would have been glad to take the job you just got. It is understandable that you don’t want to mess it up just when you are about to sign on the dotted line. There’s just one little thing that should be troubling you as you look at the official offer from the company. They are low balling you big time. They know it. You know it. And every busy beaver working at their little cubicles knows i..


Interview Hacks to Snatch Away the Job

  By style_admin on May 29, 2015
Interview Hacks to Snatch Away the Job at styleresumes.com

So, you just landed an interview at the job of your dreams? Here are some 5 interview hacks to get the interview going in your direction front the moment you walk into the office. Say nice things to the front desk administrative assistant – As soon as you walk in the office, the interview has started, even if you are in the waiting room. Make small chat with the front desk administrative assistant. Talk about the weather and compliment them on the office, their outfit, etc. Be genuine. ..

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