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A professional resume is one of the oldest hiring methods when it comes to headhunting. At Style Resumes, we have refined and perfected the art of creating resumes that get our clients the job.

We understand how the top part of the first page is resume prime estate. We know that employers want specifics about your skills and accomplishments, not template copies and descriptive language that really means nothing. We know that your personality must shine through in order to prevent your resume from landing in the trash folder.

Above all, we understand that within the competitive professional market today — where your application is one among a hundred others — generic just doesn’t cut it. We take the pains to create a resume that is specially tailored for you, and you only. Using targeted and industry specific keywords and establishing proper visual hierarchy of elements through layout, we ensure that your resume sounds like you, not some snotty hired hand who churns out generic resumes on a daily basis.

Differentiating yourself from the pack can be tough, but at Style Resumes, we don’t just differentiate you from your competitors, we annihilate them!

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