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Crafting an impressive online portfolio in today's web.

Our web portfolio allows you to take advantage of today’s technology by enabling prospective employers to view your portfolio as a web resume!

A web portfolio is extremely useful. It not only gives a great first and everlasting impression, but it also effectively shows your tech-savviness which is not reflected on a boring paper resume. An attractive web portfolio enables you to stand out from the rest as it reflects design and media skills that are very much needed in almost any field today.

At Style Resumes, the web portfolio that we design are one of your greatest assets during a job hunt. Your prospective employers will be directed to your web portfolio, instead of some partying photos of you by merely Googling your name. It makes a positive impression and gives you an online visibility as well as presence. This will definitely give you an edge over the others as you will be seen as one who is willing to invest your time and energy well to come up with a very innovative resume.

Our web portfolios also allow you to expand on your existing resume and actually demonstrate who you are and what your abilities are as the perfect job candidate.

Show your recruiters and employers that you are more than just a piece of paper. Knock your prospective employer’s socks off with a stunningly creative web portfolio!

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