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Looking for the highest paid jobs that don’t require any college degrees?

Don’t worry, today there are various types of jobs available for those without tertiary qualifications. All you need to have is sufficient skill. Here are the highest paying jobs that require any degree. 

1. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Education required- High school diploma

Median Salary- $94,350

These operators control nuclear reactors and the electricity generation from reactors. They also monitor the cooling systems, turbines, and generators. Good training is generally required to get a license for this post.

2. Commercial Pilots

Education required- High school diploma

Median Salary- $82,240

If you want to be a commercial pilot, you’re required to complete your training from an independent FAA-certified flight instructor. Being a commercial pilot, you need to handle all the unscheduled activities of the flight.  

3. Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Median Salary- High school diploma

Education required- $81,920

This law enforcement officer gathers all the evidence related to criminal cases. They even conduct interviews, participate in arrests, and examine records. However, they do not specialize in any one type of crime. 

4. Dental Hygienists

Education required- Associate’s degree

Median Salary- $76,220

Dental hygienists are those that work in dental offices. They perform works like dental cleanings, examining oral problems, and so on. In comparison to other healthcare professions, the growth rate in this field is higher.

5. Transportation Inspectors

Median Salary- High school diploma

Education required- $75, 820

Transportation inspectors make sure that vehicle transportation is done by maintaining safety standards and federal regulations. They ensure the safe transportation of the passengers via rail, air, sea, and road. 

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Education required- Associate’s degree

Median Salary- $74,320

Another high paying job that does not require a college degree is a diagnostic medical sonographers. They perform diagnostic tests on the internal organs of the patients with the help of an ultrasound transducer.  

7. Web Developers

Education required- Associate’s degree

Median Salary- $73,760

Web developers design websites based on their customers’ demands. Some companies may require you to have a bachelor’s degree. However, with the right programming skills, you can learn from online courses and a good portfolio you could easily land jobs in this sector. You can start by doing freelance work and then move on to professional jobs. 

8. Theater Makeup Artist

Education required- Higher secondary qualification degree

Median Salary- $64,250

You don’t have to be good at acting to find your way into the entertainment industry. A career as a makeup artist is the best option to work in the world of entertainment. The growth in this field is high, and also you don’t require any previous experience to become a makeup artist.   

9. Electronics Installation and Repairers

Education required- Non-degree award

Median Salary- $57,890

A degree is not required to build up a career related to electrical equipment. Employers hire candidates who possess a strong knowledge of electronics. Training and experience are enough to increase your salary level in just a few years.

10. Fire Fighter

Education required- Post-secondary non-degree award

Median Salary- $49,620

Firefighters play an important role in our society as they save us from life-threatening situations. You don’t require a bachelor’s degree to become a firefighter. Proper training and education on how to overcome the most critical situation are more than enough to become a firefighter.

Overall, these are the best highest-paid jobs that you can opt for without having a degree certificate. So, why wait? Opt for any one from our list to have a bright future ahead.

Good Luck!

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