When it comes to appearing for a job interview process, some research and preparation for the interview can create chances of making it to the next level. One of the best ways to get ready for a job interview is to practice responses to the common interview question asked by the interviewer. If you have a job interview, you can practice in front of a mirror, or ask your mentor, friend or family person to listen to your answer to the most common interview question.

1. Tell me about yourself:

Normally, the interviewer asks this question first, to allow you to give a general description of you. This pitch could make a good impact on your first impression. If you are going to tell about your hobbies to the recruiter, try to link them to your skills to your future job.

2. What are your weaknesses?

As a human being, we all have some weakness, although we have some areas to improve our skills. Try to minimize your weaknesses while you confess about the areas you are trying to improve yourself. If possible, you can give an example of how you are turning those weaknesses to your strengths.

3. What are your strengths?

Make sure that your answer is personalized, be specific and impressive to the interviewer. Just explain your best skills and relate to the job role.

4. Describe your current designation:

This the easiest question to answer in the interview session, but you need to still highlight your job-relevant greatness.

5. Why are you looking for a new opportunity?

This is an important question to understand what is the reason for the candidate to change his/her current job or why the candidate is looking for an opportunity in the organization. Here the interviewer raises a serious red flag.

6. What do you know about the company?

This the moment the interviewer wants to check if you have done your homework. This question is only to see that you really want to work with the organization or you are just an applicant to every job offer.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

It is a simple and tricky question. This question might be another common variation of the interview question “what are your goals”. Try to express that you want to work hard in the organization and you are willing to achieve, learn new skills.

8. What are your salary requirements?

When the interviewer asks you about the salary expectation, you will need to do some research first. Research, how much the market pays for the particular position you are applying for. If possible, you can use a range and say that it can be negotiable.

9. What are you looking for in a new position?

This is the easiest question to answer, simply say that you are looking for the position whatever the company is offering.

10. Do you have any questions?

This is the last chance to show your interest in the company. You can clarify your points you need to the interviewer.

To conclude, these are the most unusual jobs available in today’s world. No matter what you choose as a career, to get established in a particular job, you need the willingness to do it. All the best for your future!

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