Job seekers can spend maximum time trolling job sites and sending resumes. Despite spending hours in finding a vacancy, where they can apply, it often goes without any responses from the employer’s end.

Effective job search and generating employer interest requires research, strategy and careful thought. To maximize job search and get the desired job for your career, consider the following points and pivot your job searching efficiency.

Understand your job search criteria:

It is important to know where you are looking for employment, including what type of companies offer a job role. Know where the jobs you are looking for and where you have more chances of getting success. Find out your topmost priorities, whether it is company culture, salary or a specific job role. If you find out what motivates you most as an employee, it will be much easier to target your opportunities that can match your skill.

Create a list of jobs that meet your criteria:

Take the time to clearly think and define your dream job. Once you are able to understand what you are looking for in a job, set some criteria to guide you in your job search. Create a list to keep track of the information you need.

Read the job description carefully:

Reading the job description thoroughly during your job search may take some time, but it is the most time saver in the long run of your job search. You never are applying for jobs for which you are an unlikely candidate.

Companies generally have some mandatory requirements, be a particular college degree or specific job experience. You should apply for a particular position if you are confident that you can do that particular job, just be prepared to explain your skills are applicable to the opportunity.

Activate your referral network:

Many of the job openings are not advertised to the job board sites or social media, which is why attending relevant industry events, seminars and career-related lectures, training sessions can pay off. Let people know about what you are looking for, and ask about the open positions.

Also, let your connections know that you are searching for a new position and ask them your resume to provide an organization. Chances are less, but at least one of your friends is one of those people who knows somebody and knows several people who can provide you with the proper guidance to get a new position.

Shape up your LinkedIn profile:

One of the very first things potential recruiters will go through with your LinkedIn profile.

If you set up and do not touch it in ages that will create a bad impact on your profile. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date with your recent photo and also background photo. You should also have a headline that explains you and lets others know that you are looking for a new job. In addition, please ensure that your profile summary showcases your personal experience, educational qualification, your skills, interest area.

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