Do you know that body language controls more than 50% of our entire communication? Body language has the potential to say who you are – whether you are confident enough for the interview or feeling nervous. We can, therefore, claim that body language also plays an important role in a successful interview. Let’s have a look at some pro tips that help you to maintain a confident body language.

1. Body posture and sitting style

One of the most important tips to show confident body language in an interview is to sit straight without bending your backbone. You can slightly lean forward to show your interest in that particular job. Recline into the chair completely may show you are least interested in that job. In fact, sitting by crossing your hands or keeping some items in the lap, make you seem like you are nervous during the on-going process of an interview.

2. Don’t go for direct eye-contact

There is no doubt that eye-contact is necessary during an interview session. This does not mean that you will do a direct eye-contact for a long time. If you do this, then it shows your aggressiveness. Moreover, avoiding eye-contact throughout the interview shows your dishonesty towards your interviewers. So, to avoid all these situations, you can look at various parts of your interviewer’s face for two seconds.

3. Use your hands’ gestures

Generally, people have the tendency to hide their hands during interviews if they feel nervous. This is because the hands showcase your anxiety level in an interview session. However, keeping your hands hidden showcases your distrustful behavior towards your hiring managers.

Don’t know what to do with your hands? Well, you can make use of hands’ gestures while explaining anything to the interviewers. Using hands’ gestures also shows that you are confident enough to answer all the questions in the interview.

4. Nodding your head while listening

Another most important tip to show your confidence in body language is to nod your head. Nodding your head displays your attentiveness during the on-going process of the interview. In fact, it also shows that you are listening and comprehending everything whatever your interviewer is saying. So, besides doing eye contact, make sure to nod your head for your next interview.

5. Focus on your breathing

Nervousness decreases your confidence level in an interview. When you are nervous, your breath becomes shallow and short, that leads to shaky speaking. Focusing on your breathing makes you calm and makes your voice sound confident. So, before going to an interview, inhale air for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, and exhale it in 8th seconds.

6. Improve your walk

Walking into the interview room from the waiting room is also a point of judgment. Generally, the interviewer judges a candidate within the first few seconds of the interview. To show your confidence level while walking, you should pull your shoulder back and keep your neck elongated. Every stride of yours needs to be at least 1 to 2 feet wider.  

To sum it up, this is how you should be before or during your interview to display your confidence level. Remember, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Make sure to practice these tips at home so that you carry a confident body posture for your next interview. All the Best!  

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