This is one of the many questions job searchers ask when their application isn’t working well, having a thought that it might be because of the poor resume. Some are looking for a professional resume writing services believing that it could help improve their resume.

Hiring someone to have you a professionally-written resume does not spell foolish. It just means that you are having a professional resume writer who knows what employers look out for and know how to tailor a resume that brings personality of you.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional resume writer:
  1. Because it is the only missive that you can use to market yourself. It’s the first meeting between you and a prospective employer more often now than ever. This is a medium for advertising yourself. It is a concise compilation of your education and professional experience. It is the only document you use to sell and merit your skills to recruiters. In presenting your resume, you have to use the right words that speaks to how great your achievements have been.
  2. Because you cannot condense your resume without losing value. In our culture dominated by short posts and tweets, we all face an enormous pressure to communicate more briefly. When it comes to resume, recent trends have lowered preferred lengths to 2-3 pages. Remember that a lengthy resume bores an employer. But, isn’t it better to include more content so you can use more keywords on your resume? Actually, no. When it comes to resume writing, less is generally more. Most of us are overworked and inundated with information overload. Make it filled with crisp sentences with the right details to stand out more and be more effective.
  3. Because you are moving between jobs. You have the right skills and you know how to use it. But an employer is looking for certain experiences that you don’t obviously have. Transitioning from one job to another is certainly not an easy attainment. But, the right words can clearly make a big difference.
  4. Because you have a boring format and you think that adding graphics and colors will make you standout. Definitely wrong! Many people are tempted to add color on their resume. They change colors of their names, job headings, and other information thinking that it will add a style. Keep it simple by sticking to the best color scheme black and white.
  5. Because you don’t know what else to include. You can read a lot of resume advices online but you still don’t know how to compile everything in. Make sure your resume contains everything the employer needs to be convinced that you are a good match for the position. Your resume should include your contact information, including your name and address, email address, phone numbers and the address for your online portfolio. Also, the objective statement, summary statement, employment history, education, and other relevant information that relates to the job you’re applying for.

Whether you browse on the internet to have a professional resume writing services, or decide to do it on your own, remember that your resume has life expectancy of about 30 seconds on each potential employer. You have to make each second count. An effective resume is crisp and powerful in words highlighting impressive experiences while decluttering not that important ones. It is about the perfect words that says the right things and makes a big difference.

If you need a professional resume writing services online, get in touch with us here at Style Resumes and see how we’ll be able to help!

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