Jobs and love partners are more similar than you think. Both are new and exciting for anyone’s life, both create a great impact on life. In some points of life, a job and love can be a necessity in everybody’s life.

People also hear that you have to love yourself and know your values before you commit to another person. Luckily, there are lots of similarities between both matters – finding the right job and finding the love of your life. We are looking for them daily, but we can’t find how similarly we go about pursuing both of them.

 Here are some steps to help balance between professional and personal life, so anyone can achieve success in both stages of life.

Searching for soulmate:

There are many ways to get a new job, and it is important to find out all the possibilities. You can check the online portal for searching for a job which is similar to searching for love on online dating sites or dating applications.

However you can’t post your resume to thousands of job ads and expect the recruiter will call back, just like all ladies can’t give their phone number to every man and wait for them to call.

Networking is the most important because just like every person didn’t post a personal ad online, like many companies didn’t post job ads online.

Throw your expectation outside the window:

People think that you should or should not be doing something at a certain age is irrelevant. The one and the only thing everybody should be doing is being proactive. You have to put your own effort to make appear. 

Avoid negativity:

A deadly workplace is like a poisonous relationship; it might be great at the beginning but it can get really harmful very quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you do a business, working in an office, manual leader or in the service industry.

If you are not getting what you deserve from your workplace, it’s time to find a new workplace to grow your valuable career. It may create a bad impact on your personal life.

Promote yourself:

The purpose of creating a resume or cover letter is not to get a job, it is a gateway for giving an interview, just like appearing confident, humorous, and fun is in order to find your perfect life partner. Your resume should target the positions for which you are applying. Also, focusing on the person you love is paramount in securing a happy love-life. There lies the need of promoting yourself for securing a job or finding the love of your life.  

Do research what you want:

It is necessary to know background information about your love partner before meeting with them. When you go for an interview you have to do research on the company profile and job description.

Nowadays finding a good job is almost as tough as finding the love of your life. Moreover, the way of searching for a good job and the approach you might take when you find a love partner are not so different. So, one you know these fail-proof requirements for each, you will better understand the similarities. This way you can also implement them in practice and enjoy the result!

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