Increasing your educational qualification is undoubtedly valuable for getting a lucrative job opportunity! Moreover, further education is also beneficial for doing a better job, along with getting complete access to more remunerated employment options.
Are you thinking of telling your employer to pay for your advanced education? Are you worried about hearing a big ‘NO’? Only a few lucky employees can get their employers to pay for their advanced studies. This practice is not at all unusual as you think!
So, thinking of how to get a company to pay for your further education? Here are the top seven tips to convince your employer to pay for your advanced education.

1. Do your homework in advance:

Has your company ever paid any employee for his/her further education? Is there any tradition of pursuing further qualifications? Having a look at those backgrounds will make it a lot easier for you to ascertain whether it’s doable to convince your employer to pay for your education.    

2. Provides a complete cost breakdown:

You must know about the total expenditure of the course program. Illustrate those expenses in front of your manager and how much you need this assistance to thrive in a career.

3. Show your loyalty:

An employer will solely invest in your education if you incorporate the newly achieved skills to provide better work within the definite corporate structure. He/she will never invest in your further education if they have small doubts about your loyalty.

4. Be ready to sign a contract:

Organizations that provide their employees with complete access to further education often have stern terms and conditions that will illustrate the rights and liabilities of both parties. If you need your company to pay for your education, be ready to sign a contract with your employer. Go through the piece of paper carefully and get ready to negotiate.

5. Disclose productivity concerns:

It’s quite common that your manager will possibly be concerned about your productivity. Choose a specific program that goes well with your office schedule. Such online courses curtail classroom time and provide a flexible schedule that can be studied at your own pace of comfort.

Provide those specific details about those courses to your manager and also tell him how you are going to balance your workload.

6. Be considerate:

An emerging company will never be able to pay for a high-budgeted course. You must have a good notion about the finances of the business and opt for a degree accordingly. Being practical and considerate about the selection of course will enhance your chances of getting the organization’s funding.

7. Prove your commitment:

If you somehow fail to continue the course that you have opted for, your employer might tell you to pay the money back. Therefore, make sure to be fully committed to the program and provide monthly updates of your progress and learning to your employer.

Follow these top seven tips to convince your employer to pay for your further study. Try to follow a transparent way and make yourself fathomable in front of your employer. Like this article? Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe!  

To conclude, these are the most unusual jobs available in today’s world. No matter what you choose as a career, to get established in a particular job, you need the willingness to do it. All the best for your future!

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