Tells Your Professional Narrative In A Compelling Way

A web portfolio can creatively showcase the narrative and arc of your entire professional career, illuminating both your accomplishments over time as well as your desired contributions and forecast potential. When created with intention, portfolios can weave together your core values, strengths, and talents in an integrated way with your experience, education and passion projects.

Generates Credibility

The biggest benefit of building a web portfolio is gaining credibility. A portfolio allows others to see your work, what you’re capable of and what your strengths are. This helps others see how you fit in their vision, company or product. It also shows that you are multidimensional and that you are objective, motivated and inspirational.

Offers A Reminder Of Your Outstanding Achievements

As a task, project or assignment is completed, we quickly look at what’s next on the horizon, often forgetting our accomplishments. Completing projects on time, under budget with limited resources and competing priorities seems so daunting. A web portfolio captures our finest achievements, reminding us to celebrate once again and to recognize and reinforce just how remarkable we really are.

Helps Potential Clients Visualize Working With You

The benefit of having a professional portfolio is that potential clients or employers can see a clear picture of your growth over time, in addition to the snapshot that a resume provides. The portfolio takes a potential client or employer deeper, so they can actually feel and visualize what it’s like to work with you, creatively and professionally, and then lets them experience your results.

Improves Chances Of Gaining Customers

Customers are growing increasingly concerned with “saving time” and headaches over saving money. A web portfolio provides a glimpse of your body of work, requires less reading and renders a more visually appealing experience. Because people tend to identify more closely with the products they have experienced, the connection yields more favorable consumer attitudes and purchasing decisions.

Sets You Apart, Especially An Online Version

Developing a professional portfolio — especially one available online — can really set you apart from the competition. It’s helpful both when you’re actively job seeking or passively looking. It gives your future employer a good idea of the type of work you do. An online portfolio is especially helpful if you are in a marketing or communications field, as it shows the evolution of your work over time.

Gives A Chance To Show Your Creativity

The beauty of a web portfolio is its ability to allow a professional to showcase his body of work in any format they feel will serve them best. This can be through YouTube videos or podcasts, for instance. There is no limit to highlighting your work. Just be creative, and make it stand out from your competition.

Provides A Strong Supplement To Your Verbal Skills

Not all of us are born with strengths in verbally expressing and explaining ourselves and our work. When coaching on interviews, I always suggest showcasing your work or process through your web portfolio, one that will wow the panel. This visual impact will let your interviewer see what you are explaining, then the interview becomes a discussion, not just a Q&A format.

Demonstrates Consistency

An updated professional portfolio is a strong way to showcase the consistency of your personal style and the message you represent. By providing both written and verbal examples, you can effectively illustrate what you communicate (the message) and how you communicate, (the delivery). When your message and delivery match, you will stand out from the crowd.

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