Among thousands of job seekers who are all competing for one job position, how do you get picked out by the employer? The answer is to give them what they need; tell them your strengths which make you stand out from your competition.

Thus, before you start a resume, you must identify what are your strengths and weaknesses. Your resume must then able to show your future employer that the strengths you possess will provide the skills required to execute the job you are applying for.

Here are the key areas of your resume that you need to work on before writing a resume. Give yourself time to gather this information and list it down for clarity.

Scholastic Achievement

Do you fulfill the minimum education requirement? Do you have other certifications that are related to the job which can help making your resume looks more impressive? This area can be quite tricky at times. Apply for a job that is commensurate to your qualifications. If you are over-qualified for the position, you may not necessary attract the attention of your future employer.

Job Experience

This is the key point which can impress most employers. It is then important that you specify your previous or current job experience carefully. If you have worked in similar capacity or in the same industry with the job you are applying for, then you will stand a better chance to be short-listed. Remember, it does not take many different jobs to impress your future employers because you may be seen as a job hopper. What really matters is the achievement and contribution that you have made in your previous or current employment that counts. More importantly is the number of years you stick with the same company because loyalty is what your future employer is looking for. If you have won some awards during your tenure for your achievement and contribution to the company, please brag about them.

Traveling and Relocation

Are you willing to be relocated? Do you own a transport? Most of the time a job applicant may not be ready to be relocated because they feel comfortable staying at the same place with the family or near to the work place. However, this can be a key turning point as to whether you will be considered by your future employer or not.

Market Information

People nowadays do not write about how fast they can type in their resumes. People talk about how fast they can grab the information especially in terms of market intelligence, competitor analysis, product launches, business network and so forth. Are you capable of knowing this information which can be of great assistance to your future boss? If you can assure your future employer that you can streamline and reduce the processing time down to half, double up the productivity and increase the market share with double digits growth, I am sure they will be very interested to find out what you have in your mind.

Computer Literacy

Unless you have just come out from the cave, you must know that we are living in the information age. Mention all computer programs you are able to operate and include your level of expertise if possible. If you can operate profession-specific computer programs, do not forget to include them as well.

Personal Attributes

Do you have what it takes to be recruited? Are you bold, proactive, forward looking and creative? Can you manage work stress, multitasking and endure long working hours? Are you a driver and result-oriented person? Do you often speak-up during a discussion and share your thoughts and ideas? Can you live up to expectation despite the harsh working environment? How about meticulous and sensitive with figures? You must know who you are and where your niche is. Because, an interview is just about how great you can sell or market yourself as a piece of asset the future employer can ever have.

Interests and Hobbies

Yes, that is a key area too. It is not just about blogging, exercising, reading, or shopping as most people would think it is. Your future employer can understand your characteristics and personality from the things you like doing. It can also determine whether you can easily fit in to the company culture and working environment. Think about what your hobbies can do to help you earn a place in a corporation.

Other Skills

Do you speak or write in other languages other than your own mother tongue? Can you design a website or create a multimedia presentation? Your other skills can make a difference in getting a job where thousands of applicants are also rushing in with all kinds of background and capabilities. If the skills you own can add value in your work place, you are getting the job.

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