A good resume can help you to stand out from the crowd if you do it appropriately.  Generally, a resume acts as a communication vehicle for your experiences and skills. Yeah, it is quite difficult to list everything in just a few pages to grab the interest of the recruiter.

Ensuring your resume gets the attention of the recruiter can help you create a positive impression on them. Read any science-back theories on visual storytelling and you will know our mind responds to images faster. That’s where the benefits of an infographic resume lie- it helps you stand out in a competitive market.

What is an infographic resume?

An infographic resume is simply an appealing representation of your past academic history, along with your skills and experiences. This type of resume is quite different from a simple resume. In a simple resume, we generally write everything in a text format. Whereas, an infographic resume makes the use of images like charts, icons, and graphs to showcase your capabilities, qualifications, and skills.

Nowadays, an infographic resume is gaining popularity among job seekers due to its engaging way of representing all sorts of essential information. To make your resume more appealing to the eyes of the interviewers, you can easily make use of the word cloud to showcase your area of expertise or interests. Even you can utilize a donut pie chart to visualize your experiences for various skills in an appealing way.

When to utilize an infographic resume?

It is true that an infographic resume won’t work for every type of job as the format of the resume varies from one job profile to another. There are certain fields like law, medical, etc. where you can impress the hiring manager by submitting an infographic resume.

In this digitalized world, many employers prefer to search you online to get an idea of your activities. So, having an infographic resume online will be the best way to display your skills and seriousness about working in the preferred sector. The places where you can utilize an infographic resume are:

  • Pinterest page
  • Online portfolio
  • Your web page
  • LinkedIn profile

How to make an infographic resume?

Creating an engaging infographic resume is the smart way to increase your chance of getting selected for the interview. There are certain considerations that you should keep in mind while making an infographic resume.

  • Use statistics to showcase your experiences. You can even break all your data into fragments so that it looks appealing.
  • You should cover all the aspects like job history and qualifications on your resumes.
  • Include your recent photo and contact details.
  • Don’t clutter your infographic resume. Make it organized, so it is easy to understand.

Pros of using infographic resumes

  • It makes your resume stand out from your competitors.
  • All information is clearly visible on it.
  • It is quite shareable on online platforms.
  • It aids in making an interesting resume.

Cons of using infographic resumes 

  • Not every employer uses infographic resumes.
  • Infographic resumes are not suitable for all job types.

To conclude, infographic resumes not only make your resumes appealing, but it also increases the value of it in the eyes of the recruiter. Nowadays, making an infographic resume is not at all a challenging task with the availability of various types of templates. If still, you face any problem in creating this, get professional help.

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